Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Photos ripped off.

I need some help from my blogger friends. I was looking at my stats trying to figure out why my numbers were unusually high. 
I decided to do some google searches for my most searched key phrases. When I did a Google image search I saw one of my photos. When I clicked on it I saw that it had a different link on the bottom, not a link back to my blog. It was linking to stepbystep.com. The gave me credit in one photo. They chopped off my watermark in all three. It seems very intentional and rude to chop off Let's Add Sprinkles. I really never thought I would have to worry about this because I am a small fish but I am annoyed. I did another search-re-wording it a little. My photo was the fourth one but it was linking to that other site. It could have been linking back to my site. 
I did email them and informed them that I was not asked. Do you know anything about stepbystep? I remember Debbiedoos had the same issue with one of her photos. 
What would you do? Any info would be appreciated. Should I change my watermark on my pictures so that it runs across the middle? I think I would hate that. 


  1. Hi Katie, the exact same thing happened to me. My photos were cropped and my post reworded on their website. The site was Apartment Therapy. I drew massive traffic also. I ended up changing my original post to say that if you were visiting from Apartment Therapy, then I did not authorise them to share my material, however I was happy they stopped by. It's not the readers fault after all. But I did want to out AT for stealing my photos and content. I started watermarking in the middle of photos, but it did look ugly so stopped. I also started putting a copywrite disclaimer in bold at the bottom of each post, but that fell by the wayside too. It was very distressing but use it to your advantage in drawing new followers. Hope this helps. Julie

    1. Thanks, Julie. They have now given me credit for all three photos but I still think there should be a link back.
      I will do as you suggest and put a little sentence in my post. That post gets a lot of hits through Google which is great but I don't want it drawing people away.

  2. I think it's terrible that you're not given credit for your work. This is one time that my bad photography pays off! I don't think anyone would want to steal my point-and-shot camera's photos.

  3. Ever since I started watermarking, I thought, well, how easy it is for someone to crop it right out? Like you, I'd hate to start watermarking through the middle. Thanks for sharing - I am a bit naive still, about all this.