Monday, October 28, 2013

Please Dress Responsibly

We have all seen them. 
The unfortunate People of Walmart images.
(FYI- It seems a little mean to take a picture of someone's unfortunate shopping attire. Just sayin.)
I have seen some interesting sights at Walmart but I have also seen them elsewhere. 
"Give pants a chance." 
"Make pants not tights."
are two slogans that come to mind after an unfortunate sighting at church!
I know, I know, I really should be concentrating on the sermon but I'm a little ADHD. 
But tights are no substitute for leggings or skinny jeans.
I am fine with leggings or tights with a dress, even a mini dress. 
But for most of us tights should be not worn with a shirt. 
Nobody wants to see that.

I guess I must be old because I just don't think this is appropriate dress.  
As sweater and legging's/tight's season approaches, please dress responsibly!

I have not been compensated (by the tight's industry) in anyway for this post. 


  1. Haha! I am in total agreement with you, Katie! I just saw a salesperson in a store today wearing tights with a blouse. She was no spring chicken, either...I know she was trying to look young and hip...but, she did not succeed! Love how you ended this post :)

  2. AMEN!!! Some people wear tights or leggings with sweaters and their backside looks like cottage cheese! Before I retired, we had employees who wore them to the office looking like that! When I mentioned the inappropriate attire our director told me that he thought they were slacks and a sweater! WHATEVER!!! I so agree with you!

  3. I raised my daughters to dress modestly. However, recently, I've noticed one of my daughters wearing leggings with sweaters...and since she's had her two boys, well, it just isn't the most flattering thing she could wear. I want to say something to her...but just don't know how to say it without it sounding bad.
    She is beautiful...and she has great taste for the most part...but the leggings, though comfy (and I'm sure that is a big part of it) just isn't doing it.
    AaaacKKK... Any suggestions on how to approach the subject?

  4. Well, I guess if you're tushy is covered and you're young and in good shape, go ahead and where the leggings. I used to wear them back in the early 90's when they were popular then and I was in my 20's and in good shape. Ah........those were the days! But, now I'm almost 50. So, I'll leave the tights and leggings to the younger crowd now that they're back in fashion. I do agree with your advice.