Thursday, January 18, 2018

Six Years Of Blogging

I was so nervous when I hit publish for the first time. 
I had no idea what I was doing.
I've blogged by trial and error most of the time. 
So many times I've thought that it was time to call it quits but then I have something that I just need to say.

Here are some stats. 
I have probably taken 50,000 pictures. There are currently 26,000 in my library. 
977 blog posts have been published. 
120 blog posts are in draft. Many posts have been deleted never to see the light of day. 
I've had 1,347,924 pageviews. 
It took 5 years to hit 1 million. It's taken only a year to get up another 333 thousand.

I brought readers along as I've redecorated almost the whole house.

All the major and most of the minor holidays have received a sprinkling of decor.

I've slipcovered everything except the kitchen sink.

You all thought I would paint every piece of furniture we own. That didn't happen.

We've gone through retirement, illness, and loss.

I've met so many great bloggers in the virtual world. 
Some of them I've met in person. How fun.

People from all over the globe have read my writings.

We've been to France, Alaska, Arkansas, Charleston, Disney World, and New York several times. 

It's always funny to me when I've blogged about something but I haven't talked about it in person. 
Sometimes friends know something not because I've told them, but because they have read it on the blog.
I wonder, "How do they know that?" Then I remember that I blogged about it. 
I assume just strangers read my blog.

Things I dislike: 
Reading an old post and finding a typo. It's just going to happen.  No matter how many times I proof read I'm convinced the brain sees what I am trying to say instead of what I actually typed.
I dislike that some bloggers never, ever visit back no matter how many times I leave a comment.
It is sad when favorite bloggers stop blogging and there is no word as to why.
I get so tired of taking photos.

I love it when bloggers return after a hiatus.
I love it when bloggers share their heart.
I love the relationships that I've made.
I appreciate all of you.
Thank you for every page view and every comment and every link back.

What fun this has been!

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