Wednesday, January 10, 2018

No Sew Wire Hearts For Valentine's Day

Hi friends! 

I'm excited to be a part of a collaboration of bloggers that are sharing ideas on the 10th of the month for under $10.00. 

If the truth were to be told, I invited myself to be a part of this group. I'm always up for a frugal crafting or decorating idea.  I'll link the other bloggers at the bottom of this post. 

I used to subscribe to three or four magazines a month but Pinterest is one of my favorite sources for inspiration these days. 
Their search bar is a great tool to use in order to ferret out new and fun ideas. 
Last year I pinned some darling no sew wire hearts to my Valentine's Day board
I made one out of some antique eyelet and an old hanger. 
It didn't look good at all. The hanger wire was a little too thick and it needed to be a little bit more delicate.
One side was plumper than the other. 

It was back to the drawing board. 

Last time I cleaned off my potting bench, I noticed a package of floral wire stems.  
The 20 gauge size looked just right. 

I gathered my supplies: 
Floral Wire Stems
Fabric scraps
Wire cutters
Glue gun

The wire was formed into a heart shape. 

The two ends were joined with a dab of hot glue. 

The wire heart was used as a template to cut out some eyelet and lace. 

I had some scraps in my fabric stash but similar can be found at Joann's
Only a quarter of a yard is necessary. 
I used the smaller of our two glue guns because the big one was too gloppy. 

Carefully glue around the edges of the heart, folding as you go. 

Once the fabric is glued around the wire, embellish as desired with ribbon. 

I made three of them but the ecru heart is my favorite. 

This was a no new money project for me but these can be made for the cost of the
 wire - $2.50
 fabric - $2.50
ribbon - $2.99
There are some exquisite bridal laces that would be lovely for this project.

Mine is sporting a vintage key but the craft store should have key embellishments.  

Let me know what you think. 
Please make plans to pop over to see the other Ten on the 10th bloggers. 
If you like it, Pin it. 


  1. Too cute, Katie! What a great way to add a Valentine's touch anywhere.

  2. So sweet! I love the beautiful lace against the vintage window and key. Perfect for Valentines' Day and every day of the year.

  3. These are just darling...and no sew? Fabulous! Happy to be hopping with you this month. Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. I love these! They are beautiful and antique looking. I would love to try this idea and may have some matellase I can use. ♥

  5. These are so shabby chic! I love them. I might actually be able to manage a project like this.

  6. These are so shabby chic! I love them. I might actually be able to manage a project like this.

  7. This is wonderful Katie!
    You have inspired me to dig through my 'craft' closet...ahem... (junk).

  8. Katie I love the delicate look of these hearts. They have that romantic chic look that is so in now. I wouldn't mind making a few myself to add to the bedroom and even keep it up all year long.

  9. These are really pretty! I'm racing to get Christmas completely down so I can do Valentine's! And I know I have the lace!

  10. Katie,
    I adore these and the choice of fabric you used!You and I both used wire! Great minds loving Valentine's Day and fabric!

  11. Your hearts are so delicate and lovely . . . and oh so pretty. Thank you for the tutorial. It takes a lot of time to put a tutorial together and believe me, we (blogging sister everywhere) truly appreciate it:)
    Have a sweet day.
    Connie :)
    P.S. I'm celebrating my 6th year of blogging with a Give-A-Way, come join the fun.

  12. These are adorable, Katie! Thank you for sharing!

  13. These are sweet and so so cute. They are right up my alley. Thanks for sharing these with us.

  14. I keep pinning all of the wire hearts with lacie fabrics attached to them thinking I should give this project a whirl. I haven't yet, but I sure do like what you did. Nice project. Well done. I am definitely going to try this.

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  16. I am pinning this for sure! What a great way to use up pretty scraps of lace. I can see these made out of all kinds of vintage linen scraps! Great job!

  17. These hearts are so perfect against the chippy window. I just love this look and they would look great in my Victorian home. Thanks for sharing this easy project!

  18. Oh my goodness! I'm so glad that I saw your project because I'm gathering ideas for a Valentine's Day tree! Did you know that you could paint lace? I did it years ago and it worked great although I especially love your cream colored heart!

  19. This is super cute, Katie! I have a lot of floral wire from various projects...I just need to get some pretty fabric. Thanks so much for the idea!


  20. Such a fun series! Love your lacy hearts Katie. The ecru is my favorite as well! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  21. Katie,
    Beautiful lacy hearts for Valentine's Day...


  22. Love this! I have pinned so many of these hearts as well and I have all my supplies ready to go. We are supposed to get a big snow this weekend, so maybe I can get my shabby crafting on!

  23. I love how beautiful your heart hanger came out and I'd love to make one too.

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