Friday, August 12, 2022

Recent Estate Sale And Other Thrifty Finds

Hi, Friends,
How are you? I hope you are doing well? How's the weather?

You may have already heard of this app and website but I thought I'd share it anyway. 
EstateSales.NET is my go to way to find estate sales in my area. I love puttering around town on Thursday or Friday mornings to hit the sales. I've found some wonderful things recently. 
I'll start with my prize find so that you don't have to wait. 

I've wanted an old school hymn board for as long as I can remember. The estate sale company said it was for attendance but I don't think it is. I am over the moon for this one. The letters are hand painted. They have wonderful patina and a naive quality to them. It fills a spot in my living room that has had me perplexed for years. It was better empty than with the wrong thing. It was $125.00. 

The blue floral needlepoint was a recent antique store find. I saw it and passed but then decided it was perfect. It was still there when I went back. I stitched it into a little square pillow. 

It was $12.00, I think? 

At the same sale as the hymn board, I found a darling brown transferware teapot. It was only $5.00. The brown bottle was $1.00. Browns are a staple of our fall decor so these two cuties will be perfect. 

Another pair of unclaimed ancestors reside in an Art Nouveau style frame.  It was only $3.00. 
They couple died in the 1920s. 
This was an interesting sale full of wonderful primitive antiques. The wife died. The husband remarried. He was giving the house to his daughter. The garage was full of Hallmark ornaments and figurines. 

The muted tones on the needlepoint in the above photo spoke to me It was only $7.00 however, it was very dingy. I washed it in the sink to restore some of its color even though it still has a faded quality to it. I love it. I've already showed the quilt. Blue and white quilts are rare so I was thrilled to find this one. 
I'm trying to plan my fall decor around these two pretty pillows. I doubt I'll be ready to put them away next month. 

There was a huge pitcher for only $10.00. (Sorry old lady hands.) 

The Blue Danube mug was only 50 cents. The salt box was $35.00. It was a little more than I hoped to spend but it was still a fair deal. 

Two lamps from the thrift store received a makeover. I'll show those in another post. 

I still need to locate a shade for one of them. 

Bill scoured an aqua glass syrup pitcher. I love it. 

The huge white ironstone tureen was an antique store find. I think I paid $30.00 for it. This is such a simple centerpiece but it is refreshing for this very warm summer. 
That is about it. I've had fun restyling things in order to tuck in our finds. 

That is all for now. Thanks for stopping by. 

Friday, August 5, 2022

Late Summer Touches

Hi, Friends,
How are you? I hope you are doing well. 

This summer's heat has made it difficult to sit back and enjoy the season. Since July acted like August, I was hoping that August would begin to act like September. Nope! That is not happening. I will continue to hold out hope, however. I've spent no time in the garden. Instead, running out to keep plants from burning is about all I can do. It's very frustrating. I've lost three or four boxwoods, a lot of summer annuals, and an azalea. We have summers like this. 2011 was the last time I remember a summer this miserable. We do not have a dry heat. Summer is our cabin fever season. 

It's tempting to succumb to the social media push to start allowing fall decor to creep in. Even though we are baking outside, it is still summer. As a seasonal decorator, there is a pull towards the next season. I love change and changing things up in my home but I also want to live in the current season even if the weather is unpleasant. 

We had a lot of irritating repairs in July. Then we lost Dixie. July was not my favorite by any stretch of the imagination. All this got me thinking about contentment. We all have bad months. Sometimes we have a bad years, which is very painful. In the midst of a bad month or a bad year, there are still opportunities for joy. I'm pretty sure that I forgot to be thankful for anything in July. I just wanted it to be over. In spite of the hard, there was also the good. 

I don't love August. My dad died in August. It's hot. My step mom also died in August.  August for a teacher is hard!!. 

 our son was born in August. We found our East Texas house in August. We moved into our main house in August. Getting a new class of students in August is always precious. I still miss that. 
Good things have happened in my least favorite month. 

I wished this past July away. I don't want to do the same thing to August. 
In spite of the heat, the flowers out in East Texas are doing okay. 
Late summer flowers are tall and wispy. I love that. I'll miss them this winter so I certainly don't want to wish them away. 
I've embraced them as my late summer decor. 

In the image below, three little dried roses from my step mother's memorial service rest in a vase that I found at her house. 
Bill snagged the syrup pitcher from an estate sale. 

I'm jealous of those that can grow dahlias. An antique graphic looks perfect in a Victorian frame. 

Flower frogs and china bits from an old trash pile snuggle together in a flow blue vegetable bowl. 

The painting, although torn, came from my step nana. The lamp came down to me from my parents.

I have noticed that some of my plants are loving this heat. The trumpet vine is going crazy. My turks cap is also pretty happy. Making the shift to look at the good instead of the negative has already occurred. 
I've come to end of my musings. 
Sunflowers are beginning to creep in to the arrangements. I'll have more on that soon. 
Have a good weekend.