Saturday, July 2, 2022

New Furniture For The Screened In Porch

Hi, Friends,
How are you? Are you enjoying your summer?
I hope so. 

When we bought the house out in East Texas, we needed so many things to fill it up. We were shopping at the height of the virus so there were supply chain issues. I shopped the resale shops to acquire the things we absolutely needed. I found a pair of serviceable metal outdoor chairs at an estate sale. 
They were only $15 each. They even came with the cushions which I recovered. The pair has served us well. Bill was going to build a few pieces for lounging with plans we found but he just does not have time. 

It was time to invest in an outdoor set. 

My plan was to pick up another loveseat like the one we have at home. 

Bill expressed that the loveseat at home is not comfortable. It is comfortable to me but Bill has a pickier backside. 
Instead, he found a set at Lowes when he was at that store picking up something else. 

He texted me the link to the set. I told him to buy it and load it up. 
The grouping consists of the loveseat, coffee table, and two club chairs that bounce.
I love chairs with a bounce.

It was easy to put this furniture together. 

I love, love the coffee table. 

We recently power washed the porch and picked out a trim paint. 
We painted the tan walls shortly after we moved in but only power washed the trim. 
It's time for the trim to get a fresh coat of paint but it's currently too hot. The paint is Ceiling White by Sherwin Williams. It offers a whiter contrast to the Alabaster walls.

We also got a new rug

My flowers are blooming! 

You should know that three of the eight cushions came with some sort of black marks. 
Returning the set would have required loading it up, driving it back home and then bringing out a new set, which may or may not have stains. I wasn't willing to do that. It's outdoors in one of the dustiest places I have ever lived so it will get dirty.   

The pillow was found at 
The colors echo the colors of the flowers outside. 

I thought about moving my granny's daybed to the front porch. A critter is nibbling on a wood item on that porch so that it not an option. We need to point the game camera on it so that we can figure out what is going on.  Because of that,  the daybed will remain on the protected porch. I will actually sit on it when it isn't scorpion or pollen season.  

The estate sale chairs have been moved to front porch. They're much cuter than the chairs we had on the porch before. 

The rocker has also been moved to front porch but it will be put in the house when we aren't here. 
Nothing is going to get to nibble on it. 

That is all for now. 

 We've finally gotten a break in the heat so we'll get to enjoy the new furniture this weekend. 
Have a wonderful holiday. 

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Red, White and Blue In the Garden Room

Hi, Friends,
How are you? I hope you are feeling fabulous. 

You seem to love the garden room. We love the garden room. Bill sits in his favorite chair every single day. 
I don't switch things up very often but recently it needed a refresh. It's the best room to decorate. The light is amazing.

I found a darling red, white and blue heart at the antique shop in East Texas. 
It prompted a refresh in the garden room which is a great haven for our holiday decor. 

Red pillows from my pillow storage dress the loveseat. 

I made the quilt for my oldest son when he was two. It will get shipped to him if he wants it. 
 The yoyo pillow cover came from a local craft store years and years ago. 

The banner on the dish dresser was made for my classroom. 

Summer postcards from my grandmother's collection stand in flower frogs. 

Spring and summer seed packets decorate the planter and bulletin board. 

Bill made the dish dresser for our second home. It has a lot sentimental value to me. 
It's a great place for my gardening books and seasonal decor. 

That is all for now. I hope you enjoyed seeing a few garden room touches for the Fourth of July. 
Thanks so much for stopping by. 
Stay cool.