Thursday, February 25, 2021

A Little Chit Chat

 My phone was a casualty of Snowmageddon 2021. I think the home button froze. It eventually unthawed but Siri liked talking at random. It was fun when she woke me up. "I'm sorry, I didn't hear you."

Because, I'm not talking to you! I put her in the kitchen so I could get some sleep. Bill saw my phone on the counter and he knew that Siri had been fired. I was just glad that my phone didn't explode. The apps were going crazy. Opening and closing randomly. I eeked it through the week and my new phone arrived the other day. I didn't even have to go into a phone carrier store! Yippee. It's right up there with a mammogram, if you ask me.

All that to say. My new phone has the portrait mode which blurs the background. 

How fun is that? 

I love it. 

I made the little bunny during the big snow. 

I used a snowman pattern from Liberty Creek Primitives from Etsy. I think Kari's patterns are darling. This pattern was very easy to do. 

The Easter totes have made a slight migration from the shelf in the garage. I didn't want to buy anything new but two white bunnies hopped into my cart at Hobby Lobby. 

I'm adding spring like critters here and there. 

We picked a color for the cabin out in East Texas. 

It is Retreat by Sherwin Williams. Interestingly, it's on the same chip as Sea Salt which is the new color of the downstair's bathroom in town. 

We just need a nice weekend so I can get the outside painted. 
The trim will be white. The shutters from the main house will be repurposed for the two windows. There is also a window around the front of the building. The sun was shinning when I painted the samples. It looks good in the sun too. This is a feature of the back yard so it needs to blend in with the future garden. I wanted it white like the main house but Bill wants color. His favorite color is green so this is a win for both of us. 

The inside needs work which will commence on nice weekends. I'm ready to get started on that.

Each person needs to evaluate what is right for them in this situation, but I've received the first dose of the Moderna vaccine. I should get my second dose next week. Bill and I really weighed what to do in this situation. I realize that there is a strong very anti vaccine movement. I understand those perspectives. I don't love having vaccines but I have them to protect Bill. 

I'm ready to get back to normal after being close to home since this began. 
. I've struggled with anxiety since I was a child. Most of the time it is under control but it has been harder to manage in the last year. 
Bill has had both of his because he signed up first. He was very tired and achy after the second but that was all. Once we are both vaccinated, we'll have small gatherings with friends and family and get to our doctors. Masks are still a requirement in Texas so that won't change for us. 
If you think about it, say a prayer for me about my anxiety. 
Thanks so much for stopping by. I appreciate all of you. 
That's about it for now. 
I hope you are doing well. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

keep In Touch #188

Hi, Friends, 
Welcome to Keep In Touch. I hope you well.
It was crazy last week. I hope the weather has returned to normal where you are. 

I've been painting our downstairs bathroom and then got dinner on. 
 The bathroom was Repose and now it is Sea Salt both by Sherwin Williams. 

It's a very pretty blue/green color. The color isn't translating well on camera. 
Bill didn't notice a difference. 

I think Bill might be a little color blind. 

I did a post Uri walk about. 

This spinach and feta bread from over at a A Day Of Small Things looks amazing. 
I'm going to try this one. 

This post by Krafty Planner resonated with me. Check out the great tips about journaling before bedtime

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