Saturday, March 18, 2023

Catching Up With Pretty Garden Pictures/ Spring Bulbs

I cannot believe it has been a month since my last blog post. In that time, spring has arrived. 

Life has been a little crazy lately. Nothing serious just stuff that comes with life in our sixties. 
My husband had his first cataract surgery three weeks ago. We spent a few weeks just hunkering down. There is anxiety before the first eye but then there is recovery and stress until the second eye is done. The week in between seems to move so slowly. Once the second eye was done, Bill felt huge relief. He could not bend over or lift for two weeks which was very frustrating for him. I had to nag to get him to go sit in the chair and relax. He's not good at that which I'm sure you know if you have followed my blog for any length of time. 

His cataract surgery was stressful for him which in turn caused stress for me, as you can imagine. 

Additionally, when Bill was working from home, he noticed that I wasn't hearing very well. We went for hearing tests in January. 
He has some mild hearing loss but mine was moderate. I fell into the category of needing hearing aids. Well that process took a bit. I think, due to a scheduling mix up at the office but it was six weeks in between the test, the follow up with the doctor, and final follow up with the audiologist. 

I got my hearing aids two days before his second cataract surgery. 
It took me about three days to start to get used to them. I finally pulled out a a jigsaw puzzle because I knew it would distract me from having something in my ear. I have had my hearing aids for about two weeks. Maybe I'll do a specific post about them, if you think that would be of interest. 

Having them in my ear wasn't the only adjustment. My brain was tired, if that makes any sense. My brain had to adjust to the sounds, that I hadn't been hearing. 

We both had our normal beginning of the year appointments which led to some dental stuff as well. We've just been having a riot as we used to say in college. 

We also embarked on some bathroom improvements. I was going to tell you all about them in this post but I've decided they deserve a post of their own. 
I'll leave you with a few more pretty flower pictures.

All my bulbs came from Brecks

That is all for now. I hope that spring is on its way to you. 

Thursday, February 16, 2023

"You Rearranged The Furniture"

Hi, Friends,
How are you? I hope you are well. 
We had our East Texas friends over for dinner the other night. Every time they come by, the living room is arranged a different way. 
It's a bit of an odd shaped room which is par for the course for the living areas in all of our houses except our first house. The living room in East Texas has a walkway right through the corner of it. Additionally, there is no designated entry which annoys Bill a little bit. 
He wondered if we could build a pony wall. Hello? We are not incorporating a design element from the 60s - not gonna happen. 

January is my time to evaluate needs and wants for the year. A rug for E.T. was on that list. 
The new rug was to replace a gray and drab IKEA gray rug that was from the "city" house. 

I like Magnolia Home Rugs by Loloi. Living Spaces had the Janey Rug in Natural/Indigo. 
 Joanna's rugs have a vintage look, which I love! They are also fairly affordable and the quality is good.
 I forgot to get a rug pad when I bought the rug but I put it down anyway. I had to see how it looked. The indigo reads black/dark gray which works for the house. 
There are spots of olive which works with the sofa and recliner. 

I decided to "play" with the furniture layout as we were putting down the rug pad. I hoped to create the feel of an entryway. 

How would it look to float the little white couch? 
We pushed the furniture around just to see. 

We liked it enough to swap the dry sink for the black buffet. This move further created an entryway feel as it created a spot to put keys or mail. All this is an illusion because we don't use the front door. The back door is the preferred entry for this house because of the driveway and carport.  

Caroline's two escape attempts were through the front door. She still wants to escape even though we tell her she'd be eaten by ferrel hogs. Somehow this hasn't deterred her determination.  

The new seating worked well for conversation with our friends. 
The "You rearranged the furniture!" comment led to the title for this blog post. 

We just need one more drink table to make the space completely functional. 

I love the little oak chest under the window. It feels much more open and a bit brighter this way.  

I adore the wall with the buffet and black key box. The buffet came from the city. The key box was an estate sale find. 
We put the green recliner next to the fireplace. 

A little Victorian table was moved over by the back door. 

This isn't my favorite but it will do for now. The internet nonsense is the main reason for my displeasure. 
I edited it out in the above photo. 

What? Internet is a modern necessity but does it have to look so bad? 
It's on my list to fix because it's not working all that well. 

The dry sink makes sense on the dining room wall. 
Bill feels that this piece makes the dining room feel roomier. I agree. 

Getting rid of the microwave over the stove was a goal for 2023. 
We've both really hated it from the get go. 

It hung too low and plastic was peeling off of the front of it. I'd hoped it would die and that would decide it for us but it became clear that it wasn't near death. I mentioned to Bill one Saturday that it was coming down in 2023. He hopped up to get it down. I credit serving him bacon and eggs for breakfast. Food is a good motivator. 

It unscrewed from the cabinet. I think there was also a French cleat, if I remember correctly. 
We are so glad to see it go. 
There were still some brick paneling scraps to patch the wall. 

Bill was unhappy with his patch job and wanted to get more "paneling" to fix it. 

I'm not sure that I am in love with the brick backsplash long term so I told him to leave it for now. 

You all know how much I love my white fixtures and finishes. I would love white marble subway tile here which is the same as our city kitchen. 

The shelf came from a neighbor's yard sale. 

A new microwave sits in the pantry. Muscle memory has kicked a few times and I've reached for the microwave which isn't there. 

 More often than not, it's cold or wet outside on the weekend so it is fun to "play" inside. That is the beauty of this place, nothing is too precious or set in stone so it's fun to change it up. 

Bill continues to plug away at work in the cabin. 

He has the walls framed and most of the electrical done. He has started working on the the plumbing for the bathroom. This has been a huge project. I'll have to do a recap of it soon. He has the lead for the design of this space but he'll bounce his ideas off of me.

There have been a few signs of spring in East Texas. 

Soon, gardening will begin. 
That is all for now. Bless you for stopping by.