Our New Country House

Hi, Friends, 
I thought I'd put all of the country house posts in one spot in case you have missed anything.
If you have followed for a while, you may remember that we'd looked off and on for a house out in East Texas for the last five years. 
We thought we found the one in August but the renovation was too extensive so we withdrew our offer at the end of the contingency. 
It fueled Bill's desire for a house, so we had a second look at another house that we had already seen. 
He loved the property and gave it everything he had to talk me into it. 
We closed on our little ranch house in East Texas in October. 
Here is the rest of the story. 

There you have it. 
We are having trouble coming up with a name for the new house. 
I usually don't have this problem but for some reason nothing is clicking. 
It's a little ranch house in the woods but that just click for me. Let me know your thoughts.
I will put future updates here on this page. 
Thanks for checking in with us. 

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