Monday, May 15, 2017

New Jewelry Pieces From Thrifted Earrings

Happy Monday!
There was a pair of earrings near the cash register at the thrift store. 

They were a tad much for me from a fashion standpoint but they were only $2.50 cents.  

Dangle earrings are more my thing instead of posts. 
The posts were easily clipped off with wire cutters. 

They became citron earrings with the addition of French ear wires. 
The large emerald green section at the bottom became dangle earrings too.  

I thought the middle section would make a cute East/West necklace. 

You aren't familiar with the East/West necklace?  
If not, jewelry might not be your thing or you have been in a cave for the last year or so.

Allow me to introduce you to Kendra Scott.
This is the Elisa Pendant Necklace in Rose Quartz.
If you go to the website, you can custom order your own. You also get a discount during your birthday month.
I need to get over there.
This is not a sponsored post. I just like East/West necklaces.
Back to the project. 

I took off all of the O rings and set them aside. 

I dug through my jewelry box and found an old necklace and cut it in half with the wire cutters. 

The O ring was threaded through the chain and the earring piece. 
The same thing was done on the other end. 

So cute. 
This is a gorgeous color and it is so hard to find.
Can we please bring back some green?
It's my birthstone and I like it. 
I wore it with one of the few green shirts that I have. 

It is cute but it was a fail.

It keeps flipping over to the wrong side.

 Clearly Kendra knows what she is doing.

I may pop in and use my birthday discount to make a new Elisa in Emerald Cat's Eye.
I share so that you know that things don't always work out over here for Mistress Sprinkles. 
All is not lost, however. 
I did get two cute pairs of earrings out of this little experiment. 
Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. Very cute Katie! I like how you recreated the earrings. I have not heard of the East/West jewelry. But then, I'm not a big jewelry person. :)

  2. Kendra does know what she's doing. And so do you! Looking great and I love the green!

  3. I only know about the whole Kendra Scott thing because my daughter wanted some for Christmas. Love your idea of remaking thrift store jewelry.

  4. Ooooo, those earrings are so pretty. They look nice on you. They caught my eye right away, as the color looks emerald, which is my birth stone. : )


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