Friday, April 10, 2020

Spring Putz Style Cottages/Ten On The Tenth

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I hope you are well. 
Welcome to Ten on the Tenth where lifestyle bloggers join together to share ideas under ten dollars. 
I'm so glad you are here. 

I want to thank Terri of Decorate and More With Tip for hosting this month. Terri keep busy and always has fun ideas to share. 

This month we are talking about staying busy while we stay at home. 

I don't know about you but I know how to entertain myself. 
I was the only girl with five brothers. I didn't go to the local school so I didn't know the other girls that lived near us. 
My days were spent with my Barbies unless the boys were able to cajole me into doing what they were doing. One of my favorite activities was the construction of roads and cities in our front gravel driveway. The boys had a great assortment of fun cars and trucks. 
I had a pink jeep with a fringed top. See it here
The fun came to an end the year my dad got a new load of gravel. It was too deep to dig in. 
That memory came to mind as I created a community of Putz cottages. 

I am an introvert and a homebody but this sheltering in place has me going a little stir crazy. 
"I want to go to Hobby Lobby!" I said in whiny voice. 
For some reason the 911 operator didn't think that constituted an emergency. 

Since law enforcement wouldn't let me in to the craft store, I decided to make my own fun. 
I want to make the most of this time by doing stuff that I've wanted to do for a while.  
The construction of darling glitter cottages has been on my list. 

Now was the time to gather my supplies: 
I didn't spend any money and used what I had here at the house but all these basic supplies can probably be found at Dollar Tree, Walmart or CVS. All of these stores are considered essential for a shelter in place order. I did list prices even though I didn't shop for this craft. 

 Thin Cardboard - Free
Craft Paint - I used what I had on hand but craft paint is usually $1.00 a bottle. 
Glue Sticks .32¢ (I used 5 to make 10 cottages)
Assorted flower bits from Dollar Tree or Walmart.  
4 oz. Iridescent Glitter $2.82
Elmer's School Glue $1.97

Glue Gun
Exacto knife 
Cutting board 
Tray or old cookie sheet for glitter abatement. 

Pinterest is a great source for inspiration and templates. 
The simplest template was chosen to start out. 

Here is a collage of the process. 

Cut the template out onto the cardboard. I used cereal, pizza and cracker boxes. 
Use an X-Acto knife to cut windows and door. It also worked to score the cardboard for folding. Toward the end my shutter process changed.
Paint the cottage. This is addictive and I wanted one in nearly every color of the rainbow. 
To make pastel colors, use a larger amount of white with very little of the base color. Make sure you make enough of your pastel or you will be trying to match with each coat. 
Most of the colors only took two coats. Let these dry completely before glueing on the base. 
My base was made from cardboard covered with moss but you could paint a base. 
Make window grids, flower boxes. Glue houses to the bases. 

Add roofs.
Embellish with flowers as desired. 

The embellishment was my favorite part. 

My husband's favorite part as well. 

Dilute Elmer's Glue with a little water and lightly paint over the cardboard. 
Sprinkle with iridescent glitter. Shake off excess glitter. 

All the occupants of my community are sheltering in place. 

Be sure to visit my other friends to see what they are doing to pass the time. 
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  1. These are so adorable!!! Good job! I love them.

  2. Your houses are so sweet....what a clever way to bring spring into your home, too. I am trying to do something creative daily during this time because for so lone I would say "I wish I had time to...." I dont want to look back and think i wasted so much time - - stay well!

  3. Katie I love all your sweet vignettes. Those little houses are so adorable. Happy Easter my friend.

  4. I love your little houses, Katie. At least we have hobbies to keep us busy. I feel sorry for those that don't.

  5. These are adorable Katie. Love the colors of each house. A fun project.


  6. Very cute DIY cottages Katie. I imagine they would keep your mind and hands busy during our stay at home time. Happy Easter.

  7. Katie,
    These are absolutely adorable and so creative too. I adore the whimsy and the joy that they bring.
    Happy Easter,

  8. so so cute, I love that they're sheltering in place too. the bitty bunny figurine is adorable. We used to make roads and castles in the sandbox, but you had to clean out the cat poo first, haha. Happy Easter, Katie!

  9. These are cute as can be, Katie. I love each and every one to pieces, and how you used them in your beautiful house. You're right about essential supplies for sheltering in place!