Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Bathroom Door With No Lock

We had a situation
we lived with it for years. 
We had a set of double doors leading into our bathroom.
It is not an overly large room but this double door made it look more dramatic and a little grander. I have always liked it. The problem was that there was not a lock.
The only way to keep it closed were the magnets at the top of the door.
The magnets don't even match.  
The door knobs were dummy knobs. There was no latch, lock or anything. It was charming to be in the shower and have the dog or the toddler push open the door. 
One day I wondered aloud to Bill and asked him why we couldn't put a lock on the door like the one on the master bedroom door. 
We have double doors leading into our room as well. 
We needed new knobs and a flush mount bolt. 
A bolt that latched up into the door jamb.
 With a chisel Bill notched out the wood to install the 
flush mount bolt. 
The bolt pops out of the top and goes into the locking plate at the top of the jamb. 
Once he got the left side to lock securely with the flush mount bolt he could get to the other door. 
He got a regular bathroom/bedroom privacy door knob to match the dummy knob and installed it according to directions as if it were for a brand new door.
  It required some chiseling as well but it was not difficult. 
The purpose of this post isn't to tell you how to install both of these items. There are directions on the package and plenty of tutorials on the Internet.
 The purpose of this post is to point out that for every problem in your home there is probably a solution. 
We would have gotten the locking doors years earlier if I had communicated to my husband how much not having a lock bothered me.
He knew of a solution all along but he didn't know how much the goofy doors bugged me.
This was not an expensive project at all. It was probably under $60.00 for all the supplies.
A bathroom door with no lock? This is a four bedroom house built for multiple occupants.
What bugs you about your home?
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  1. Turned out, it's actually a good thing that you unconsciously voiced it out. We might feel safer at home than in any place in the world, but privacy is a different thing. Congrats on the bathroom WITH lock! :D

  2. “A bathroom door with no lock? This is a four bedroom house built for multiple occupants.
    Ridiculous!”—This sounds interesting and mind-baffling. Well, even if you've lived with your loved ones for so long, there's still a need to install those lock systems. Talking about privacy. :)

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