Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Dollar Tree Trash Basket Into Wire Cloche/Pinterest Challenge

Hi, Friends. 
Welcome to the Pinterest Challenge for August.

Can you believe that August is almost over? I'm so glad since it has been 100 million degrees this month. 

Our host is the adorable Cindy from County Road 407. Please hop over and say hi. 
If you are coming from, Thistle Key Lane, welcome. Those raffia pumpkins are adorable. 

Our inspiration this month comes from Home Stories A to Z.  It is not too early to begin thinking about fall decor. 

The first thing I noticed in the photo is the brick wall. So gorgeous but this isn't about the wall. 
We are supposed to focus on the cloche. 
What is a cloche? 
A cloche is a glass dome that was used to protect tender plants from frost. Cloche is bell in French. As is typical with fun garden stuff, they were brought inside and used for decor or as terrariums. I use glass domes for decor but wire cloches are a good dog deterrent for my garden borders. Several wire cloches were made this spring to keep Dixie out of the flowers. They look so cute in the garden. 

In the inspiration picture, I see the cloche, white pumpkins, hydrangeas, acorns, and an unexpected rope element. 
The rope and the brick wall add texture to this vignette. 
I've been watching a lot of YouTube when I take a break in the afternoon or evening. 
 (This is code for "taking a nap".) 
There is a genre of YouTube videos featuring Dollar Tree DIYs. 
Some are like, "Okay, I can see where you are going with that." Others are, "Wow! That's genius." 

That is what I thought when I saw a video that inspired my cloche.
I ran up to Dollar Tree to grab one of their black waste paper baskets. 

Heavy duty scissors cut through the plastic coated wire so that the bottom of the waste basket could come off. The bottom became the top of the cloche. 

With some floral wire and a needle, I began sewing through the top row of wire diamonds in order to gather them together so that a dome shape could be created. The floral wire wasn't working. Twine was the next option but it broke about half way around. Between the wire and the twine, I was able to gather the basket a create that dome shape. 

A series of washers was needed to hold a cute adornment for the top of the dome. 

I have a small collection of old cabinet knobs to use on projects like this. 

I went with something French Provincial. 

It sits in front of a watercolor that we found in France. 

Faux pumpkins from Hobby Lobby got a bit of gilding with some gold gilding liquid. 
They are nestled in with some dried hydrangeas. I order hydrangeas from Oregon off of eBay. Roses are a piece of cake to dry and these are from the new rose bushes that I planted during lockdown. 
The brass tray is a vintage piece from my mother in law. 
Gold accents warm up the space for early fall. 

The wire texture in black is so pretty. I'd just been looking for a wire cloche when I saw the YouTube video.  I love this spin on a traditional glass dome. 

My brick wall doesn't have the rosy glow like the inspiration picture but it will have to do. 

This was fun to make. Who knew that a trash basket could become a cloche?
Be sure to stop by and see Laura's cloche at Everyday Edits.  So cute. I love the leaves. 
Be sure to stop in and visit the rest of my Pinterest Challenge friends. 

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  1. HI Katie, I love the use of a trashcan! I noticed her brick wall too, but I just noticed yours next to your bookcase! I love brick walls! Great job on this cloche! It looks great on your shelf too! laura

  2. Katie,
    I love it. So creative! I’m definitely going to try this. Thanks for sharing

  3. Such a cute and clever cloche Katie. I absolutely adore it!

  4. This is amazing Katie!
    It looks so elegant and the trash can is so smart!
    Have a great week,

    White Spray Paint

  5. Crazy smart dollar tree cloche, Katie! I can totally relate to trying different types of 'thread'. When I did my velvet pumpkins, it took three times to figure out what could 'hold' everything together! Pinned!

  6. I've always wanted to try and make a cloche out of a waste basket! Seriously! Yours turned out so cute! Love the added handle on top. It's obviously adorable because you put it in front of your France found watercolor! That's a whole other conversation though. Bucket list trip for sure. Thanks for joining in each month Katie! I love your posts and style. Pinned!

  7. Katie, I love, love, love this, your cloche is beautiful!

    You know I kove French and the knob is perfect.

    Love your brick too. Pinning.


  8. How clever you are, Katie. Your wire cloche turned out super cute!!

  9. What a cool Dollar Tree hack, Katie! I've seen plenty of those YouTube videos and even made a few myself, but I never would've thought to do that! It looks lovely.

  10. Loving the fact that this is wire and also black. your fun use of vintage hardware on top is the icing on the cake. just so adorable with the gilded pumpkins and hydrangeas. thanks for sharing your thoughts that no, it is not too early to think about Fall!!!

  11. Katie, what a great idea to repurpose this sweet wastebasket!!! I'll have to make some of these for the garden to protect plants from critters. Really fun project and I DO have a few knobs and such in my craft supply drawers.

    Enjoy using your cloche all fall and winter!
    Barb :)

  12. Brilliant cloche idea Katie and the knob makes it look very chic! Love the vignette and pretty French watercolor. Lovely!

  13. Katie this is so cute. So clever. I love the vintage knob you used for the top. Very pretty.

  14. You are so clever to think of making a cloche out of a waste basket! This is going to be a fun piece to use for decorating in any season.

  15. Very clever, Katie. I just love the wastebasket, too!

  16. Katie, you are so smart. Using the wire trash basket was brilliant. I would never have known your pretty cloche was a trash basket. The black works great too.

  17. Oh my goodness! What an amazing idea!! I love this and am in awe of your creativity! So gorgeous! ~ Kristin | White Arrows Home

  18. I love DIY so i tried this Pinterest challenge in my summer vacation and enjoyed alot

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