Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Creepy Doll Room

Last summer our youngest, Jonnie got an apartment with a couple of friends. His room was in desperate need of an update. When he was in the fifth grade he and "Team Friendship" (as his group of friends is called)  painted it for a merit badge. Well, I am sure you can imagine what it looked like after a group of fifth graders got finished with it. I rolled with it though, because I figured I would get around to repainting eventually.  I also wanted him to take some pride of ownership concerning his room. 

I am the resident painter in this family because I can't get my husband to paint anymore.  He got tired of repainting all the time because I change colors so often. Jonnie's room has been builder's white, gold and chambray blue. As his teenage years progressed I became afraid just to enter the room, let alone paint it. 
Now, I am sentimental, but in this scenario I was happy for Jonnie to embark on this new chapter and the room was really in need. My children know, that when I am ready to do something, I jump right in and get the job done.  I am a little embarrassed to admit this but I did not even wait until he had taken the last load to the apartment before I got in there to sweep and clean before I could paint. (There was energy drink on the walls for heaven's sake!) Keeping busy is my way of processing.

There is only one window in that room and the chambray color had such a dark feel. I was ready to lighten things up. I went with a super soft white called Natural Tan from Sherwin Williams. Sherwin Williams has been my go to paint store for years. A few years ago we had a flood and had some wall damage. They listed me as a contractor because I was acting as my own.  They always try to give me the best deal they can and I love their colors. 

Normally I love color on the wall, but I waited for years to have a white on white pallet with an accent color. Jonnie's move was several months in the works so I was ready to go with bedding and accessories.  I had been shopping different antique stores, junk shops and discount stores. Every time I saw something in my color palette, I picked it up. 
My favorite color as a kid was purple. I just was not a hot pink kind of girl. My dad wallpapered my room in a pretty pink and purple floral and I loved it. My friends and family know, I have been through numerous color fetishes (mauve and country blue, navy, hunter green, burgundy, gold, black and finally robin's egg blue and brown.) That is why I wanted predominately  white. If I get sick of purple in a few years, I can move things around and not have to totally redo the major elements.

The platter was the inspiration for the room, but it never made it up there.

Even though I wanted a white pallet I simply cannot paint 
furniture unless it is junk or it is damaged. 
The bed was made by great grandfather. 
The dresser was the first antique purchase I ever made.

       The desk was our first auction buy as newlyweds. It is English, I believe.

The little Victorian chair is a family piece. I am sure it was originally cane but my mom covered it with a needlepoint she made. The needlepoint is now a pillow.
The little armless chair was a garage sale find for 3 dollars. The slipcover is a white blanket from Walmart. I love the nubby texture.

  The little cupboard came from my father-in-laws garage. He used it to store spray paint for his auto body stuff. Cleaning and new black pulls turned it into DVD storage. I love re-purposing something vintage.
The rocker is from my grandparent's lake house.

Why this is called the creepy doll room? Jonnie called it that the first time he saw it. 
I wracked my brain because I did not think I had a single doll in there. Not that there couldn't be because of my doll collection years. (I really need to sell those.)

I guess my grandmother's 110 year old christening gown looks like a ghost.

Rebekah, my daughter, did add a creepy doll before she moved out. I can't believe I ever bought her that. 

Sprinkled with white and a touch of purple,

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  1. I totally relate to your hesitance to paint furniture. I love the warm look of wood. I think the little dresses look great...not a bit creepy!

  2. The room looks great! I am with you on painting furniture. I have a similar desk that we inherited from my hubby's family. I need to do some wall painting, but will probably have to hire it out. Glad to find your blog.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  3. The room looks so good, I like both painted and unpainted. Some furniture one should never paint, but it it's in such bad shape giving it new life to me is OK. I wouldn't have painted your piece either, too pretty. Your grandmother's christening dress is so pretty. Wow great memories it holds. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday's Best Par.tay!