Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hello Spring!

So a couple of weeks ago I decided that it was time for a new spring look for my bed. 
I have a compulsion to change bedding for the season. I promise, I don't know why. 
I have different looks for different seasons.

When we got our new bed two years ago, I thought it too regal to go with my favorite Ralph Lauren, collected over time, layered look. 
I am sure you are wondering why I thought it regal. Because it really is a casual collection called Grand Junction from Lane Furniture. You have to understand this is the first brand new bed we bought as a couple.
The first one was a hand me down.
The second we got from our neighbor's garage sale.

Pickled blond. I was always afraid to paint it. But it clearly has wonderful potential.

This was the comforter set we had when we got the bed.
(Miss Bek photoshopped the stock image with our comforter set at the time.) 
This comforter was so heavy and hot. It is by Waterford from Tuesday Morning.) Fabulous quality but not practical for Texas. 
I made an assortment of fun pillows to go with it.
Next I bought an  off-white collection seen in the photos.
I had to layer in more than just a solid. This is how I had it a few weeks ago. I thought the brown and gold was fun for winter.
Here it was at Christmas. I love the vintage wool blanket with Christmas trees stitched on.  
Well, of course over the course of the past two years I have layered in my favorite R.L. type elements each befitting the season. Because that is what I love and feel most comfortable with. Most of the time I have a Matlesse quilt or the off white comforter.  I usually throw a quilt (or two) on the end of the bed. 
The off white collection is two years old and it's getting a little pilly. I spent about $80.00 on the whole thing, so I am pleased it lasted this long. I may even get another season out of it. 

When I went to Tuesday Morning,
(two blocks down from my school)
I had intended to go for a complete white look similar to these that I pinned on pinterest.
You know what happened? I could not veer from the path that I love when I saw the Garden Floral collection from Ralph Lauren's Chaps line. 
It was even on sale. Since it came with 4 pieces I spent  less than if I had bought it all separately.
It was $94.00
I have been working on my master bedroom reveal for a few weeks. 
You have seen my bringing the outside in:

and my screen project already.

Now you can see it all put together.
I love the shade of green in this bedding. 
I used a Matlesse quilt we already had for summer.
Find similar here.

I folded the comforter on the end of the bed.

The secret to this stiff pillow look is a massive number of pillows. It drives Mr. Bill nuts. 
He says that if anything ever happens to me he will not put the pillows on the bed like this. I totally get his point but...
There are 14 pillows on this bed. icks! I love to layer 
store bought or homemade pillowcases with 
antique lace edged ones. 
The green ones here came from Walmart. I pulled them over some lacey wonderful cases that I inherited or got at estate sales.
I bought the pink gingham also at Walmart. 
It was a bargain at $1.50 a yard.
The white sham I've had forever. I've moved it around from room to room. 
I have collected needlepoint pillows for decades. I switch them out for the seasons. These two were made by either family aunts or grannies.

 I am totally feeling green for this space. I was excited to pull out this old green depression glass. 
 My side of the bed gets my Royal Doulton Figurine and mini boxes.  

 It took me years and years to finally find a secretary. I am so glad I waited because this one was a steal at $135.00. I love the leaded glass on it. 
Isn't there something charming about a drop front desk?

The other wall holds the armoir where I store the other linens. (Our linen closet is tiny.)
It was an auction find. They said it was Argentinean. ?.
It was $200.00 or so.
I am smitten by the carving.

The chaise lounge. I think every southern lady had a chaise lounge. 
One of the best things I ever did 15 years ago was 
slipcover this piece. It has gotten a lot of life and has had many looks. 
So there you have it. 
I hope some of you out there will understand my decorating through the seasons mentality. It give me a chance to rotate things that I have tired of so that it feels like a fresh space.
Sprinkled with gingham,


  1. Beautiful! I am a pillow lover and yours are so pretty!

  2. What is is about men that they don't like pillows on a bed? Mine doesn't either! Your bedroom looks great with your mix of new and old linens. I love how you let a lace edged pillow hang out from another one. Great idea!