Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Calm After The Storm

I have some reflections today after our tornado. 

Psalm 91:4 "He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings."

I got a visual picture of that truth during our tornado crisis in Arlington, Texas yesterday. We were watching the weather and receiving reports that a tornado had touched down in South Arlington and was headed directly toward us.
The first report we were hearing was right by my daughter's new apartment. Thank heavens for cell phones because I was able to call her and get right through. She could see the tornado from her room. 
She and her roommate were in the bathroom. I am sure with her roommate's cat, Kingsley.
It was scary knowing that she was in the path of the storm, but even though there were homes damaged around her apartment, hers was okay. And she was okay!!

 At the same time she was in the bathroom, my husband was texting. They were in the stairwells in downtown Dallas. 
Another band ripped through Lancaster. You may have seen footage of the tractor trailers flying through the air.

 My school was the next that went into tornado crisis mode. We bundled up the our babies and all the lovies and piled into the hall. I direct a program for 1, 2 and 3 year old students. Getting them to stay rolled up like a turtle for 30 minutes was a challenge. We just sat on the floor in cuddle mode until the storm was near.
We are so blessed to have technology because believe it or not we still had cell service and internet to get reports. When it was a few minutes away, all the adults and some older students came down our hall and positioned themselves over the babies to protect them. 

As I looked down the hall at all these people protecting the little ones with their bodies, I thought about God and that is what He does for us.
That is when Psalm 91:4 popped into my mind. I knew He was there with us no matter what happened

We could hear the storm pass over head but we could not see anything. For some reason we didn't lose power.
As the immediate danger passed we began hearing reports about the swath of the tornado. It traveled from my daughter's apartment over the lake where it headed toward my house. We heard that the high school right around the corner from me was damaged. 
I wasn't  worried about my house I was worried about my dog. 
I had a peace that even if there was damage it was okay.
Houses can be replaced and fixed. 

Soon, relieved parents began arriving to get their babies.
The kids seem pretty unfazed by what happened, Not the parents. Many with tears in their eyes rushed down the hall and grabbed their darlings! I am sure they hugged their little ones closer that evening. 

One sweet child said, "Daddy, we had a tormado."

  I felt better when I got in touch with my two 
All the children got picked up and we finally could see what it was 
like at our homes. Many of us live in South Arlington. 
Bill made it home before I did. The painters were here painting away using a generator for power. They could see the tornado as it passed behind my house. There was no damage, not didn't even a tree limb.
The only hint there was even a storm was the little wormy things blown off of my silver leaf maples. 
We had no power until 2 a.m. so we could not see the reports of damage on T.V.
I captured these images when I went to the grocery store this morning. 

 I'm so sad about this little house. I have watched them fix this up in the 18 years I have lived here.

 It just snapped this Oak. 
 Next to me at the store.

 Ever the optimist.
 Reportedly this church is heavily damaged. I heard they lost their stained glass windows. They have a little pre-school too, but I don't know if they had school yesterday. 
    I felt blessed by their attitude.

Miraculously no one was killed in these storms. 
There is a lot of damage but the community can be rebuilt. 
I wish I could show you the path of the funnel cloud. It went over this church but directly in between a private school, an elementary school and a high school. 
Those teachers sat with their students for two hours in lock down. 
Bless them for keeping those children safe. 

I know that there are many who have lost their homes and my prayers 
are with them.

Love my Texas bird house! If you look carefully you can see the faded red state of Texas at the top. :)



  1. Thank goodness you are all safe! What a terrible scare!!

  2. So glad that you are safe. As I saw the downed limbs, I was reminded of a young woman, after the Nashville tornado, several years ago. SHe gathered many large healthy limbs and began making items from the fallen trees. She sold her wooden bowls, plates and smaller items to raise money for some of the charities who gave so much after the storm.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  3. I was watching the online stream from WFAA here in Abilene. I lived in the Garland/Mesquite area for nearly 14 years in the 80's and 90's. So many friends still there. The damage is horrific, but it so amazing that there were no serious injuries. You are so right - property can be replaced! Glad to hear you tell of the teachers covering their precious charges with their own bodies. And relieved that all was well when you got home! Thank you for sharing your photos.

    1. I bet Abilene gets its share of storms. Thank you for stopping by.

  4. I am so thankful you and many others are safe.How scary.We have tornadoes here too.We have never experienced that tragedy and I pray we never do.But living in the midwest we are prone to them.But knowing God is at your side there with you no matter what.He will never leave us does bring us comfort.My prayers go out to all that are suffering loss.