Thursday, June 28, 2012

Redo of the Deck Cushions

The mornings around here have been beautiful. I have been hanging out on the deck since I cleaned it up, made some new pillows and freshened up the accessories. If you have been one of my readers for a while you know how bitterly I have complained about our summer last year. 72 days over 100 degrees. The heat and sun reaped havoc on my outdoor cushions. I know, I know I should have pulled them out of the sun, but it was even too hot to do that. 

I came home from work one day last year and found that my hot mess of a dog sensed a weakness (in the force) and went nuts tearing up one of the cushions.
She also has an affinity for pillows.

Ai, yi, yi!
 I was able to remove the shredded cushion and turn the rest over and hide the damage for the time. 
But I have been wanting to recover them for a while. 
I went around town looking for drip dry outdoor fabric. 
I am not one that likes my upholstered pieces in anything but a neutral, so I can jazz things up with pillows and such. 
 The cost of outdoor fabric was a shocker.
 Outdoor fabric at Joann's was $24.99 a yard.
I need about 8 yards. I would be willing to do that for a fabric that I loved but I didn't see a thing. We only paid about $299.00 for the whole set three years ago. It would be very difficult to spend almost that much to refurbish this set. 
I shopped around for new cushions but they were not really 
what I needed either.
So.... I turned to my "go-to"fabric. 
Drop Cloths!!
Bill got me a gift card to Lowes for Mother's Day :)
 I only paid a dollar out of pocket to stock up on all the drop cloths I needed.

This is the brand I like:
I have used them for table cloths and pillows.
Read about a chair I slipcovered here.
 Bill bought one to lay down in the car for our dog.
They get softer with each use and washing. 
Here is my big secret for making cushions.

After sewing three sides and turning it right side out, I hot glue the fourth side closed.
It is time consuming to hand sew the openings closed and it is very hard to get the sewing machine close enough to the edge once the pillows or cushions are stuffed.
I change pillows around quite frequently because I love pillows so much!
It makes for a quick change when I tire of pillow covers.

This only took about 41/2 hours. I was having trouble with the tension on my sewing machine.

I really need a new sewing machine. Mine is about 21 years old and has issues.
The canvas is not water proof. I got the 8 ounce instead of the 10 hoping that if these get wet they won't take too long to dry in the 
hot, (very hot) Texas sun. 

Dixie Lou wouldn't get out of the picture. Picture taking is very time consuming. I was just too lazy to move her. 


 I found the cute lantern while rummaging through the shed. It has been around a while and had faded to pink. I taped off the glass and hit it with Rustoleum red spray paint

Loving the fire engine. It's a trash pick from the neighbor.

See the little ferry? I picked it up a few years ago at a antique shop. 

 Each of my kids has a quilt I made them. This is Chris'. His was the most intricate because he is the first born, not because I love him more. I just had more time!!. The other ones got easier quilts. 
The sailboats squares on this thing were a beast!
Put it is such a cute pattern.

We have a fairly long hot and dry season. 
I don't think this would work in a wet climate. 


This furniture is so comfy now!!
The love seat stays shaded until about noon. 
I will let you know how hot it gets out there.

Let's just hope that little miss doesn't decide to chew up more cushions.


  1. Drop cloth is a great idea! I recently looked for outdoor fabric for my front porch and was also shocked at the price...I ended up with new cushions from Garden Ridge, but I still have the back ones to redo/replace...and I just may think about using the drop cloth. That picture of your dog is hilarious!

  2. Drop cloth is a great idea! I recently looked for outdoor fabric for my front porch and was also shocked at the price...I ended up with new cushions from Garden Ridge, but I still have the back ones to redo/replace...and I just may think about using the drop cloth. That picture of your dog is hilarious!

    1. Thank you, Sharon. They are working out great. I am so glad you stopped by.

  3. Your pillows look great!I love drop cloth material.Your porch looks so pretty and festive for the fourth!I love that fire truck too.What a great find from your neighbor! We had one just like it as a child.Lots of fun memories.

    1. Thank you, Anne. I am enjoying the fire trucks new spot. :)

  4. Aren't drop cloths the best?! I use them a lot too. Your cushion redo is fabulous!!! Love the patriotic theme. I have a very similar look going on at one of our seating areas!!!!!
    Happy Day to you.

    1. I'm so glad you stopped by Kris. I will have to pop back over and check out your seating area. :)

  5. Your cushion redo is amazing! I just love your porch :)

    1. Thank you! I am so happy you took the time to stop by and leave a comment. :)

  6. Hi Katie,
    I found you! Your drop cloth cushions look fabulous! We will probably need to recover ours next year, and I think you've found a great alternative to outdoor fabric! Love all your decorations on your porch. I adore the pedal push fire engine. I used to collect those years ago. They are quite pricey now.

    1. Thanks, Jane. I have always wanted a pedal car and couldn't see this one going to the landfill.
      I'm pleased you popped in to say hi! :)

  7. Gotta love those drop cloths!! Your cushions looks so fresh and comfy again. Love all the patriotic colors you have going on there on your deck!
    Thanks for stopping by, Mary Alice

    1. Thank you, Mary Alice! I appreciate your sweet comments. Have a great day.

  8. hi Katie ... this looks so comfortable and decorated so nicely. Love your style and just have to love painter's drop cloths.I made some drapes for winter but they are still up and still loving them for summer. The fire engine car is adorable.

    Thanks for stopping by Timeless Treasures and leaving such sweet comments.
    Audrey Z.

    1. Thanks for stopping in and taking the time to leave your kind comments. Happy Summer!

    2. I wonder if you used scotch guard if that would help to protect them?


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