Monday, August 27, 2012

Apples, Apples Everywhere

I  usually pull out my apple stuff in August right before I head back to work. I am usually tired of the sea shells and what ever seasonal fruit I have had for the summer.  
I had cherries this year. 
Read about it here. 
I loved them.
I have gotten tons of cute apple things from students over the years. Most of them stay at school but the rest I bring home.
I've been teaching again for the last 17 years, so there are just too many cute things to keep at school.
I decided the red and white transferware made a nice background for my apples. It also made is it super easy because I didn't have to do anything to change out the china in my display niches. Read about them here.
Franciscan's apple pattern has been continually produced since 1940. 

I shared with you about my fabric apples. 

I schmooked white paint on an apple I got from Kirkland's a few years ago. It goes better with all the white I have going on. 

My darling daughter dabbles in art, she did a couple of oils for me a few years ago. 
I love  the turquoise and the red.

A few years ago Cracker Barrel had a sweet apple display. I got  the cute white apples there.
I shared with you about an applique skirt I got from my step mom. I framed each little fruit applique. The frame was gold but I painted it.
The sifter came from Bill's Granny Vi.

I'm loving my mom's antique chalkboard. 

I bought this chalkboard at Michael's. I bought it before I remembered I had  the antique one. 
The darling a.b.c. blocks came from garage sales and thrift stores years ago. You can get them at Mardel.

I only had two purchases.
I got this label off of e-bay.
This one I got at an antique store in town.
 I have been enjoying all this for the past few weeks. It is seeing me through the transitional period before the pumpkins come out.
What decorations do you put out this time of year?
Sprinkled with apples,
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  1. Love your apple collection...and yes, great transition to pumpkins...which aren't too far behind...

  2. Hi Katie! Hope your school year is off to a good start. Your apples are perfect. Love the ones in the bushel basket.

    1. Thank you, Ann. My school year has been busy so far but great.

  3. Hi Katie, thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope all is well....I am writing here, you don't have an email posted to write to....
    Keep up the great work...

    1. Thank you, Nancy. I don't know why my email isn't showing up. Is there something special I need to do? All this is so new to me.