Friday, August 10, 2012

Dumpster Divine Chair Edition

Twice recently I have been driving around and found chairs out by the trash. Okay technically they were not in the dumpster as the title of this post suggests and I have really only pulled something out of a dumpster once in all my trash picking days.
But, I thought these two chairs had potential and hey they were free.

I was picking up some orb spray paint during my deblingificationpalooza when I saw this can of primer. I loved the color on the cap and it reminded me of the finishes I have been seeing on the blogs done with Annie Sloan's chalk paint. A primer, it seemed to me, would definitely have a chalky mat finish that I was after.
I also don't have a lot of time with teaching and blogging. 
Spray painting them seemed to fit the bill.
I gave each of the chairs a coat or two.
This one was missing a seat, so I cut one out of plywood. I turned the chair upside down and traced it.
  BilI's Jig saw did a nice job. 

One morning I saw that Mr. Bill had thrown out the old cushion from one of the patio chairs. I rescued it from the trash. Dumpster diving in my own yard! 
Foam is costly and I will recycle it whenever I can. 
 I used some drop cloths to cover both seats.
Drop cloths are everywhere these days.

Recovering dining room chairs is one of the easiest home improvements. It isn't hard, but you do need a staple gun. 

 I also did this old bird cage that I almost 
sent to the thrift. Until... I saw something nearly identical at Canton. The new one at Canton was $30.00, this was free!
 One of my darling students gave me this cactus for an end of school year gift. It's so unusual and beautiful.
I love the pop of blue/gray in these chairs.  It is a good counter point to my purples, browns and creams. 

 I'm smitten with the cane. It painted up beautifully.
There is something about painted cane that speaks to me for some reason. 

All in all I am please with this work horse can of paint and primer. I have tried another one and it didn't work quite as well. I'm not really sure where these will end up in the house. Mr. Bill thinks I have a chair rescuing/hording problem. 
But I just can't stand to see good chairs end up in the land fill. 
At least I don't bring home stray cats. 
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  1. Free? Yes, you had to take them! They look great. Both are great chairs I love the floral carving on the one and the cane on the other! Score!

  2. These are wonderful & I LOVE your color choice! Found you at French Country Cottage's linky party & am excited to be following you now... Hope you can visit soon!

    1. Thanks, Heather. Headed to visit you now. Thank you so much for following.