Wednesday, August 22, 2012


 Do you buy souvenirs?
souvenir is defined as "a small and relatively inexpensive article given, kept or purchased as a reminder of  a place visited, an occasion etc."
I love to pick up a souvenir. Not the shot glass or mini spoon or giant flyswater. (Although, I do love, love a cheesy souvenir shop!)
I love collecting things other's have collected on their trips.
Oh, I pick up things as a reminder of my trip too, but 
 I love finding vintage souvenirs.
My favorite are these vintage postcards.
I have them in just about every room in the house.
I have told you how I like to repeat decorating elements from vignette to vignette or room to room.
It keeps things cohesive and looks collected over time.

 I don't collect new ones. I like to find old ones in dusty antique shops. If it is a place I have actually been, that is a bonus. If not, that is good too. It may be a place I hope to go one day.
 inherited a check book size box of postcards from my grandparents. 
I try to fun cute places to display them around the house.
Clothes pins are one of my favorite methods to attach them to a garden planter turned kitchen display.

Rusty crib spring turned scrapbook of sorts.

Old window screen that I picked up at an antique mall.
Read about it here .
Most of my things have meaning. I am pretty sure that is what collecting and decorating with vintage is about.
Memories invoked of a different or simpler time.
As I look around my house, I see that everywhere.
But some of the best souvenirs don't cost a thing. I have some "treasures" that I have picked up that didn't cost a thing. 

Junky trinkets from an antique trash pile. I don't know why I am so smitten with this teacup handle.
I would love to find a set of them.

Sketch from a momentous day.
I can't wait to get back out camping and show you our trailer.

A sketch from a hohum day turned funny with a humorous sketch. 
These little trinkets/treasures tell a story. 
It may be a tale only understood by me, but it is one that is meaningful.
Someday as my children sift though my stuff, they may wonder why I kept what I kept, and that is okay. 
 They may pull something totally different out of my "treasure" pile and find meaning and memory in it for a completely different reason. 
Sprinkled with treasures,
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