Sunday, September 23, 2012

Loveseat in the Sunroom

Now, over the years Bill and I have had a problem. Okay, It is more me, but I collect random seating from the curb or the thrift store. I don't really do that too much anymore, because Bill says I had a chair adoption problem. 

This has caused our house to be a place where there are tons of places to sit, but no where to sit because everything looks too dainty.

We have taken steps to rememdy this now that the kids are out of the house.
We got new kitchen and dining chairs

and new comfy seating for the man cave.

But the man cave is upstairs and  guests don't go up there much unless they are watching a game with Bill.

It was time to get rid of the demure settee in the sunroom.

That breaks my heart because this little sofa is sooo stinking cute. But it is the most impractical thing I own. Nobody ever sat on it except me. It's not a modern height. I took a nap on it once and almost ended up on the floor because it is not very deep either.
I hope to re-purpose it soon, so stay tuned.

I shopped and shopped for a smallish sofa for the sunroom. Everything was too big. Even the stuff that was apartment sized.
So, I moved the brown loveseat from the living room  to the garden room.

It was only in the living room because Bill thought we should have a loveseat.
 I liked it okay, but wasn't in love with it. It got moved around the room a lot. That is usually a sure sign I am not completely satisfied with something.
This was a piece I pulled off of someone's  curb a few years ago.
I  upholstered it in brown chenille. It is super soft. 
I didn't think it would work in this room because of all the black. 
But... I was wrong.
 I love it. I love the black and the brown thing going on. It looks too cute with the antique spool cabinet

and the little school desk.

I love the black and white checked fabric of the pillow against the brown loveseat.

It really was not a something I thought would work.

I resisted putting it out here for a couple of years because I didn't want to recover it.

I really think that this is the last big reupholstering job for me. It is too physical for someone my age. ;)

What a pleasant surprise.

We have already had an occasion to sit out here and have coffee with our daughter. Perfect!

Have I mentioned why we love this room so much?

This is the view from the window of our sunroom. 
We live in the middle of a metropolitan area, but
from back here you could never tell.
We love the views from this petite room.

Even though this couch is on the smallish side,
I have still curled up and fallen asleep while enjoying this relaxing space. 

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  1. What a darling room, and such a pretty view! It looks so cozy and charming. I love little orphaned chairs from the side of the road too :) That's how we got every single one of our outside Adirondack chairs!

  2. Such a pretty room and it looks oh so cozy too! thanks for sharing at my party.

  3. What a darling room, and what an incredible view. It looks like you are out in the country. I love that you used the old school desk for a lamp and shelf. Thanks for sharing your inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!

  4. That's a great update for you! The new sofa looks like a better fit for the sunroom. It’s smaller and opens up more space in the room, and that made the space a lot brighter. Good thing you were able to find a replacement. I imagine reading a good book there would be great! :)