Friday, September 14, 2012

New Living Room Furniture

A few weeks or so ago I told you about the update to the fireplace surround.

I love it.
It is crisp and clean and bright and white.
It pops off the tan brick.
We are still in the process of warming up and updating the space a little.  We have a bound carpet on order and I will show pics when that comes in. 
One thing we wanted for a while was more seating.
I moved the little curbside loveseat to the garden room. Look forward to that post, please.The living room was in need of another piece.
I moved the antique settee from the sunroom up to my room and moved the chaise downstairs. 

I love a chaise, but for a living area I prefer a one armed  chaise so that two people can sit on it. I enjoyed it for a few days of lounging but, I knew no one would ever sit on this but me. I haven't done much sitting on this in a while and it needs a redo. The stuffing is a little flat on the back of the seat.
 I love the white, not the scale. It was a little too dainty for the space and the settee was really too small with my 12  foot ceiling upstairs. Argh!!!
I moved this little parson chair in and created a reading nook. I will show that later also.
So I went out furniture shopping.
I went to the Rooms To Go Outlet hoping to find a leather chair to match mine. 
Unbelievably they had two recliners, but they were both in whole room packages. I convinced my salesman  to sell me just the recliner. I pulled up my blog to look at my chair and see if they were indeed a match. We both thought the chair was the same from the picture but the salesman had a check about it. He pulled up my original order from 4 years ago and sure enough it was a different manufacturer. I was so impressed that he gave up his sale to do what was right for my room.
He said, and I agreed, that the sheen of my leather was different from the new chair. 
So, I stopped in at Hemispheres and I found a couple  leather recliners that I thought would match.
 Mr. Bill and I  returned to the store with our leather chair cushion to see if there was a match.

 This one was very close, but suddenly, Bill wanted to move our Rooms To Go chair into his office and buy two new recliners for the living room. 
He wanted to check a few more places before he bit the bullet.
So we zipped across the street to Lazy Boy. Let me just say that Lazy Boy has some ugly recliners. 
You all know what I am talking about so I won't even  show you a picture. The cute ones were extremely expensive.
Finally, we went to Freed's Furniture.
I found a darling sofa and loveseat last week  when I was shopping for the our little sunroom.
I didn't get the love seat  because it was too big. 
I finally convinced Mr. Bill that getting a new sofa and loveseat was the best bet.  They were much, much cheaper than two leather recliners.  
He finally agreed and now we have these adorable Pottery Barnesque(or is it Pottery Barnish?) sofas.

I love the pillows.
I love the oatmeal color. 

The purple pops off of them. 

I am normally not a huge fan of floating furniture in this room. However,  I love the back of the loveseat.
All that to say... 
Step two of the living room project done. 
 Step three is the rug.
More on that soon.
 Bill  is trying to convince me to move the TV out of the armoire during step four. He wants me to get a bigger T.V.  and a different cabinet to put it on. 
That should be a challenge. 
I think we need to use lower cabinets and build shelves above. 
Kind of like these I have pinned on my media board on Pinterest.

More to come. Rug, lamps and a T.V.? 
Stop back in to check it out.

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  1. Katie,
    Love all the changes! Looks light and bright too! Beautiful new furniture!Can't wait to see the rug!

  2. Congrats your Pumpkins and Owls have been featured today on Sunday's Best - come grab a feature button you sure deserve it.

    1. Thanks for the feature! I'm tickled you liked them.

  3. A living room makeover can be very fun, especially on a beautiful one like this. You’ll have the chance to show your rightful interior design skills without anyone breathing down your neck. I think it’s good that you used two sofas this time as opposed to before. It filled up the excess space, making the living room look less empty, and it really set a very relaxing and calming atmosphere.

  4. Those furniture items are pretty classy. A white one-armed chaise is best to be put near the fireplace for a more relaxing aura.

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