Friday, October 12, 2012

Purging Some Treasure

Mr. Bill and I have picked up some cute treasures over the years.
We were married just a little over a year when we had Chris.
We both thought we would have a little more time as "double income no kids." 
I wanted to stay at home with my baby, so we made sacrifices.
One of the things we sacrificed was having the latest and greatest technology
 having new furniture.
It has only been in the last few years that we have been filling in with stuff that is brand new.
We usually bought our sofas new, but most of our other stuff came from all over. 
 Garage sales or thrift stores and antique shops for the most part. But we even pulled stuff off of the curb.
I am a bit of a hoarder when it involves my stuff that was a good deal!!!
We have had pieces that just weren't both of our styles. 
I may have liked it and he didn't, or visa versa.
This weekend we went through and donated some of those pieces that didn't "fit" anymore.

Sometimes it came down to a piece being too dainty to go with other modern height furniture.
We kept trying to think about people who might want this stuff. 
We really couldn't  think of anybody.
I guess if no one wants these little end tables and chairs, we really don't need them either.
Table not the lamp.

Bill is not a stuff it in the attic kind of guy. I am willing to do that, but he is not.

As I watched Bill load our "treasures" in the pickup, I had a brief feeling of remorse.
They looked cute piled in there.
Should I save them for a someday shop?
 I have to remember that I had them for a season and now they will go to someone's home or shop where they will work and fit.

I had a feeling of 
peace knowing that we are helping out a good cause and we are de-cluttering a bit. 
Good bye thrifty treasures.

Sprinkled with downsizing,


  1. I still shop at all those places. I have replaced everything several times, but most of it still comes from thrifty shops. It is good to pass it along to someone else. Hugs, Marty

    1. Thanks, Marty. I do like to give it to them and go shop for new stuff. It is also to fun to see how it looks at the store.

  2. I don't know what new furniture lo like... seriously. I've always had thrifted or hand-me- downs.I think I actually felt a little anxiety while reading this post.
    ...thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll certainly be coming back here to read.
    I think I could learn a thing or two here. If nothing else...learn how to let go. :) Pat

    1. Thank you, Pat. I didn't always want to let go. My husband really didn't love some of the things and we weren't sentimental about them, so out they went. I did replace with some new cute stuff though. :)
      Thanks for stopping in.