Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

We had a wonderful Christmas.

December was so weird this year that it really didn't feel much like Christmas. 
It was in the 70's for days on end and even in the 80's some days. 
Thunder woke me up sometime early in the morning Christmas morning.
Which was fine because we have had such a warm, dry fall.
I can only remember two rainfalls for the past several months. 

It seemed so weird to hear thunder in December.
It was one of those gully washer types of rains.

The guys had our traditional Christmas brunch of mini sausages and sweet rolls.

 Rebekah and  I had oatmeal. :)

We opened our presents.

I think we were all happy with our gifts.
Our oldest screen printed sweatshirts for all of us.

At around noon the rain turned into snow.

They were huge, fat flakes at first.

We only got about 2 1/2 inches, but this is only the third white Christmas for my kids and maybe the 5th for Bill.

It is so rare in Texas that we were a little in awe.
We had a white Christmas only 3 years ago.
It really didn't seem possible to have another. 

We stood at the window
watching it fall
watching the birds
enjoying a winter wonderland.
  I love, love Christmas lights under the snow.

 So pretty! 

It was a fun, magical and relaxing day.
I hope that you had a blessed day as well.
Sprinkled with a white Christmas,

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  1. Great shots, Kate! Love the cardinal. How fun that you had snow on Christmas day. We're in San Antonio and got the cold without the snow :(

    1. I am so happy to have some cold. Those 80 degree temps. in December were a little much. Have a blessed New Year.

  2. Love your shots, I should had been brave, and taken more pictures of the snow as well. We are in Frisco, and got plenty of the white fluffy stuff here too, it was just soooo cold! We must live pretty close, I also had the thunder storms at night, with rain all morning, with the snow falling around 1:30ish. Kids were in heaven, our 1st white Christmas ever.

    1. We are very close. I am just down the road from the Rangers and Cowboys.
      I love having a white Christmas.

  3. I LOVE the photographs of the snow falling and the cardinal, oh be still my heart! They are my favorite bird. I've had nesting pairs in my back yard for years. There is nothing like seeing the male's flash of red among the bare branches and snow in the winter. I'm happy that you and your family were able to enjoy a white Christmas. I can't imagine Christmas with temperatures in the 70's and 80's! We were lucky here in SE Wisconsin to have temperatures hovering around 32. Very mild for this time of year :)

    1. Oh. That is very mild for you all. My Mom's family came from Random Lake, Wis. Her cousin always fills me in on the weather up there. Have a very Happy New Year.