Tuesday, February 12, 2013

White Walls in the Master

 There have been several times in this year of blogging that my photos told the story of how my house really looked.
Somehow a photo magnifies the imperfections.  
I loved the walls in our bedroom for the longest time and I thought they were the prettiest shade of antique white.
In some of my photos they look like a peachy yellow.

The last time I painted was about 14 years ago.
I have done touch ups but they still looked very worn and  dinged up. Does paint change color over time?

I thought by replacing the sheers I would be able to live with it until next summer.

I was wrong.
As soon as I get an idea in my head that a room needs to be painted I can't wait to get started.

Our old exterior house color was called 
Palais White by Sherwin Williams.
When our handyman did repairs last spring he was supposed to paint with that same color.
Instead he chose his favorite white to touch up where he replaced wood. 
It was such a close match that I didn't even notice.
The painter we hired to finish the rest of the house is the one that noticed it.
Bill was going to give the gallon of it to the ReStore but
I said that I could make it work somewhere.

I decided to see if it would work in our room.

I love how it brightens the space.

Do you know that I never cared for white walls before?

I have always painted over the builder white.

But builder white isn't the same as a custom mix white.
This white is soft and reflects light around the room beautifully.

It took me about 8 hours to paint this room and put it back together.

Eight hours well spent, because I just love it.

 It is calming and restful.

clean and fresh. 
I love it and I finally feel finished with this room for a while.

I would like to change out the ceiling fan for a chandelier.

Bill just laughed.
He told me to go ahead but he doesn't want to hear me complaining about the heat next summer.
This is Texas, after all.
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