Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bathroom Vanity Finished, Finally!

Sometimes it seems like a project takes years to come to fruition. 
Such is the case with my powder room.
When we had our big flood in '06 we didn't have enough cash left in the budget for a new counter and sink.
We got a new vanity but we had to put the old cultured marble top back on.
This cultured marble top wasn't discolored but was totally over the shell shaped sink.  
I spray painted the faucet last spring in a last ditch effort to live with it. It held up really well.
A few years ago, I spied a granite and sink combination that was 37 inches wide in stock at Lowes. It was about $200.00. 
Here is a link to similar tops. 
I never could talk Mr. Bill into it but I had some money saved and decided it was time
I was leaning toward a black one but Lowes didn't have it in stock anymore. They had standard size stone tops in tan and brown. Bill thought the tan granite was too speckled. But right next to it we saw quartz. This was new. 
For about the same price we could get a quartz counter with a rectangle undermount sink. 
The faucet spread is 8 inches.
As much as possible I wanted to do this project myself. 
I turned the water off underneath the sink.
I unscrewed the water lines and took apart the drain underneath. Make sure you have a bucket to catch all the water in the bottom of the drain. 
I used a razor blade to cut the caulk along the side splash.  
The top lifted right off. It was heavy so Bill helped me. You can see that the side splash was attached to the wall with caulk. 
I pulled the new vanity top out of the box. I decided to put the faucet on before putting the top in.  
The faucet was easy to install. We bought a Delta faucet. The directions were very clear. 
I installed the faucet myself but Bill helped with the drain. I was afraid I was going to strip the threads on the new drain. 
Once the top was on we attached new supply lines. 
Bill put in new P.V.C. drain pipes.  

I needed a little shim to level the front corner and then I used clear silicone to put the back splash and side splash in place.  


A few weeks ago in an attempt to update the bathroom further, I painted the vanity using CeCe Caldwell Chalk Paint.
Read about it here: 
After reading your comments on this post, I decided to go with crystal clear polycrylic to give it a harder satin finish. 
The finish is by no means hard but at least it doesn't feel like chalk.
 I'll give the vanity another coat of poly next week but in the  meantime I am wild about it and finally feel that the powder room vanity has a surface worthy our guests.
I have to say I was tooting my own horn with this one. I have wanted to learn to install faucets for a long time.


  1. I like your new vanity and faucet. We are in the midst of updating counter tops in kitchen and it is so overwhelming, so much to chose from.

    1. I know what you mean. I would love to do butcher block but I'm afraid of staining. Everything else is so expensive.

  2. Wow! Aren't you the bomb!! I admire you being able to do this yourself. Everything looks great!

    1. Thank you, Kathy. I have wanted to tackle plumbing for a while.

  3. Nice vanity makeover. I love your faucet and the vanity top is gorgeous! Now you've got me thinking about my bathroom! LOL

    Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos

    1. Thanks, Jennifer. I am so glad to have one more thing crossed off the list.

  4. It is lovely! You did a great job and have very right to toot your own horn!!!

  5. WOW, AMAZING job!!!!
    Yes, I need a new countertop as well... but I want to keep my cabinet.
    I will check you rpost about you painting, I also use Cece Caldwell!

    1. I am glad we kept the cabinet. It looks totally different painted. I notice the details now.

  6. Good for you doing your own plumbing! I adore the rectangle undermount sink. So very classic yet updated. I can see why you love it!

  7. So beautiful. Love the makeover.
    I`m your new follower

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