Friday, March 15, 2013


You may call it Viola, Pansy or Johnny Jump Up.
The Pansy is the cultivated variety of this once wildflower.    
This little flower is reported to have medicinal properties.
It was nicknamed by the Victorians who had a language of flowers.
They would speak secret messages to one another through the gift of blossoms.
This little posey sent the message that someone was thought of.
I've been smitten with Heartsease this spring. 
I hadn't realized how drawn to the motif I was, until I started sprinkling it about.
have spent a little time this week thinking about the easing of my heart.
Time is a great healer.
  What seemed so sudden and devastating has a way of easing with time.
About some things, I even wonder why I was so upset?  
 I realized a few years ago that I needed to stop running around "fixing" everything.

 Of course some things are not fixable and I need to let a power greater than myself handle things.
 My daughter, is who is wise beyond her years, reminded me that I need to come to terms with the things I cannot change.

  I even think that if I "move over" the Lord can get to work.

 I'm sending a few warm thoughts out today - the anniversary of my little brother's devastating stroke. 
Read about it here.
He has come a long way in three years. 
Time and a Higher Power have a way of healing things. 
I just love this little flower.
Sprinkled with Heartsease,
Feathered Nest Friday  
The Scoop


  1. Oh I loved your post, Pansy or Johnny jump ups, they are sooo pretty, I loved the first picture of the pitcher, wow I should have that to put on my table with my pansy post...if you love pansys, come on over and see the latest post of Pansys....sooo fun

    1. I love that pitcher. I have seen it before, maybe you will find one.

  2. Beautiful, Katie. I think you have a huge earth. It shows in your love for this little flowers! Have a wonderful weekend and feel better. sending love.

    1. Thank you so very much, Karen. I appreciate your warm thoughts.

  3. I love those flowers too. It's finally getting that time of year where we can begin planting those beauties outside again! Sorry to hear that you've been in the midst of life's challenges, but it sounds like you're coming out of it a better person. I always believe that every hurt we experience in life teaches us something that makes us better and stronger. It also helps us not to take our good times for granted because we certainly know what the flip side feels like!

    1. Thanks, Kelly. I totally agree with you. None of the trials were easy, but I learned a bunch about myself in the midst of them.