Friday, May 31, 2013

Master Ceiling Fan Redo

I was tired that day.
Bill needed a new ceiling fan for his man cave but we also  needed one for the master.
We were still going on the original fans that came with house 20 some years ago.
Our old one wasn't big enough to really move the air. 
The selection was pretty limited for the size we wanted. Whenever we shop for something we go back and forth between our two favorite big box hardware stores. 
We went back and forth a couple of times between the two stores and finally settled on this one.
I wasn't wild about it at all but I was too tired to keep looking.  
I didn't like the blades and I liked the light kit only marginally better. I thought it looked like a portion of the female anatomy. 
It was okay during the summer since the fan runs 24-7 but in the winter when the fan was off I thought it looked way too tropical.
I tried getting new blades at the Restore but they were too small. 
I even thought about using the jig saw to make my own. 
But I really wanted to replace the fan with a chandelier.
Bill laughed at that suggestion and said. 
"Okay, but I don't want to hear you complaining when our room is too hot."

I decided to replace the light kit. 
I saw drum shades used on ceiling fans on Google Images when I was searching for light kit ideas. 
Tuesday Morning had a lampshade that I thought would work. I had to extend the threaded pipe with a nipple and a little connecting. You can see lamp parts here. 

I keep an assortment of old lamp parts in the garage from various broken lamps. 
I just played with the parts until I found what I needed. 
 I got it attached and noticed I had about three different 
metal finishes in the mix so I dabbed or sprayed some Oil Rubbed Bronze paint onto the metals. 

I sprayed the paint on an old box and dabbed it with a brush.
To spray on the fixture I covered anything with foil to prevent overspray on the ceiling or fan blades. 

 I also hit the hardware on the lampshade. I just made sure I covered it well with the foil.
I like foil better than tape because it molds better to the shape I am painting. 
Much better.

At least I think so. Bill didn't think the makeover was a success.
"And this is better, why?" 
I don't think he is a fan of drum shades on anything and I don't think he had seen them used on ceiling fans. 

For now I don't hate looking at it. 
I will still try to figure out what else I can do to make Bill a little happier with it. 
At least it doesn't look like it belongs in a hotel at the coast.  
We have made some progress in the bathroom. 
I'll show you that in my next post. 
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  1. I love it!
    I tried doing this in a spare bedroom.
    What I learned:
    ~Our ceilings are low in this house.
    ~The size of the shade MATTERS.
    ~If natural light is limited...a 'lighter' shade is necessary.
    So hubby is with your hubby on this one!

    ...AGAIN...I LOVE IT!


  2. I am torn about a ceiling fan too.We don't have them but I pull out a standing fan every night because I am hot.My husband things we should get one but all of the fans I like that are a bit different and unique are really expensive.I think you came up with a great solution!Great idea to use a drum shade!I think they need to make a chandelier fan!But if they do it would probably cost a fortune!

  3. Very impressive! We don't have any ceiling fans, but I wish we did, in our bedroom. There are plenty of nights we run the AC when I think a ceiling fan would do the trick.

  4. I like what you did with your ceiling fan. The drum shade made it more fitting to the bedroom. It sets a relaxing mood and has also turned into a good-looking ceiling ornament. Just make sure to always clean it to prolong its life and to keep the air clean as well.
    Brooklyn Fan & Blower Sales Company