Sunday, June 30, 2013

Deck 2013

We finished the deck about 5 or 6 years ago.
It was in need of a new coat of stain.
I got out there the first week I was finished with school before it got too hot.
I rolled it with a regular paint roller and then swept it with a deck brush. 
It didn't take too long but I really was sick of it by the time all was said and done. 
I decided to decorate with cool greens this summer.
The color was inspired by my cute vintage picnic basket. 
and the bird house I got for my birthday.
We used to use the trunk to house the propane tank. 
I'm thinking about repainting it but it is a great little side table.

 The baker's rack needed a good cleaning. Every few years I give a once over with some white spray paint. 
 I cleaned up the chandelier thinking it might go in the new bathroom but it didn't make the cut. 
 I cut the wire off and stuck candles in the sockets and looped a length of chain to hang it from the umbrella.
Bill isn't sold on the idea. 
 I love chandeliers. I think they deserve a spot everywhere. 

The cute yellow plastic dinnerware was from another picnic basket. 
I'd forgotten it was even in there.
I love its vintage/retro color.

We had several of these school clocks. 
This one was found in the trash by my son. It actually works. 
I love, love vintage Coleman lanterns. We don't take them camping anymore but they are perfect for evenings on the deck.

I'm still loving my step ladder end table. 
I pulled out all my blue and green pots-vintage and new. 

Here is what the deck looked like last fall. It really needed to be spruced up then.
Here it is now.
The temps finally hit the 100s this week.
I'm sad that we didn't have a few more weeks of cooler weather. 
 I really can't complain. 
We had a marvelously cool spring. 
I just wish it had held on a little longer. 


  1. love the chandy under your umbrella, that is too much fun! Also the step ladder for plants looks great! Nice spot!

    1. Thank you! The step ladder really comes in handy. We got it 30 years ago at a garage sale. We don't use it for stepping on anymore. :)

  2. There's no reason to complain, Katie! You have an awesome deck ready for the summer. I know it's kinda frustrating that spring has to end, but you can enjoy the new and exciting summer ahead of you. Your family can enjoy the summer heat at this fascinating deck! Why don’t you host some parties for your friends and family? You can also have some sunbathing sessions at your cute deck. :)

    1. When it is 100+ degrees even under the shade it is too hot. At 10:00 at night it can still be 90 degrees. Texas is just too hot past June. But we are having a cooler snap this week so I have been enjoying the deck. We have hit very unusual record lows. Yeah!! Reprieve from the heat.

  3. It's it wonderful what a coat of paint can do? Your deck look great so crisp and clean. Enjoy! I have popped in from Nifty Thrifty party. Kathy

  4. The deck looks really great! I hope it cools down a bit so you can enjoy it. I love all the green accents.

    1. It did cool down. We hit some record lows I think. :) Yeah! Thanks for always stopping in and leaving a comment, Amy.

  5. I love your deck! What color did you paint the floor?

    1. It was something like marine gray by Behr. I can't find a color chart on-line for Behr deck stains and I can't remember the name. There wasn't even a sticker on the can with the name. Sorry. I wanted it to look a little like an old sun and rain washed fence picket.

    2. I found it through Home Depot on-line Harbor Gray. Semi transparent.

  6. Painting is one way to take care of the deck. And as you said, the deck certainly needed the paint job. I just wish you cleaned it well before doing so. By the way, I like how you designed your deck. The color combination is so cool in the eyes, and it definitely matched with the weather. Good going!
    Kylee @ Renew Crew

  7. Love the color scheme of your deck. The dark furniture really looks nice with the light upholstery, and it blends well with the neutral gray deck floor. As for the chandelier, a bit too high for a candle-lit dinner, though I like the idea of having one under the umbrella. Maybe rig it up with small bulbs in the future?