Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer is Here!

Yesterday was the first day of summer vacation for me. 
I have a list of projects running through my head and one is already complete. 
I will list some of the things I want to get done this summer but first let me show you some before and afters. I've been browsing through my old photos this morning. 
The mantel was so dowdy before. 
All the crisp white pops off of the brick.

Here is another.

We have had a few spills on the new paint, but I have been vigilant about cleaning off the cabinet door fronts. I had three small children the last time I had white cabinets. It is much easier this time. I just love them. 

Okay back to summer.

I have already stained the deck this morning. 
Once it is dry, I'll put all the furniture back on. 

I need to scrape popcorn off of some of the ceilings. 
I am going to do it the same way my friend, Michelle, did hers. 
She did it dry instead of wet. Two summers ago I did some small areas and did the wet method. The new paint didn't stick. I have tested a spot in the hall and the ceiling looks just like the texture my painter did in the kitchen. Hopefully this won't be too much of a beat down. 

There will be some things to tweak in the master bath once the subs are finished. I still have to pick out molding, mirrors and light fixtures. They are tiling the shower walls today. I had a panic moment last night. We don't have a lot of room for the shower and the tub and for a second it looked like it wouldn't all fit. Yikes. I need to chill!

 I will begin the great stairwell painting project. The paint in the entry and stairwell is at least 13 years old. It needs to be freshened up because it looks yellow. 
Days - it will take days. :/

I also plan on doing something with my banisters if I have time. Not looking forward to that. They are still the orange oak color.  

I have a few slipcovers to make and at least one chair that     needs to be reupholstered
andthen I leave for Alaska!
More about that later. :)

Oh and my blog should hit 100,000 pageviews soon!! 
Happy Summer!


  1. Whew…I'm exhausted reading your to-do list! I hope you take some time to relax this summer! How exciting that you are going to Alaska! I went about 15 years ago…it is AMAZING! Looking forward to watching all the progress on your projects.

  2. Good Afternoon Katie, Congratulations, my word, 100,000 page views, that is wonderful, but it does speak highly of your amazing blog and your talent.
    I really like the change you made to your kitchen, the white paint really brightens the room.
    I see you have a long list of projects to complete.... remember to have some relaxing time as well.
    Best Wishes to you,

  3. Hi Katie. :) Teachers always have a long list of things to do in the summer in addition to the fun! It's amazing how much the white paint has lightened up your house. Your kitchen is so pretty.

  4. You have lots of fun projects ahead of you! I am taking a summer break from any big projects.So I am looking forward to seeing what you share.Wow a trip to Alaska that should be fun!Congratulations on your soon to be blogging milestone....100,000 pageviews!!