Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ice Cream at the Park Store

Every summer we would load up in the station wagon and head to see my grandparents in Wisconsin.
We took sight seeing detours along the way, each summer stopping at different destinations.

 I'd like to interject two things at this point. 
We always wore hoodies. I love hoodies! 
I was and am terrified of heights. That is why in one picture it looks like I am clinging to a pole and in the other to my brother.

We saw many wonderful sights in the North Eastern region of the country.
Instead of staying in hotels we would camp along the way. 
Many of the campgrounds had little camp stores.
We would get a soda 
an ice cream.

When I saw this sign at the salvage store in Fort Worth, I knew we needed to have it. 

Bill was a boy scout and the kids were all in scouting at one time or another so we all have our own connection to this type of sign.

There are two little camp stores out at the lake. 
It never fails...
as soon as we pull, I get the urge for an ice cream.

I love the one we get to by boat! 
To this day I can hardly pass up an ice cream sandwich or a nutty buddy when I see a little mom and pop shop. 

I thought this sign would be a cute addition to our back yard. 

It came out of one of the state parks.
Bill's brother wondered if we stole it?
Ummm, no.

It's still in great shape and it was a bargain price at only $25.00. 

It wasn't the only sign that had and
I thought it was an odd thing for them to have.
 I did wonder how they ended up with it. 

I just set it on the fence behind our fire pit. Our little corner is ready for ice cream on a hot summer night. 
Want to join us?
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  1. Cute I love this.
    State parks get 'make-overs' on occasion. I would imagine, rather than inspect each and every sign to determine if it needs changing. They just do a sweep of the whole park and change them all.
    Could be why it's in good shape. ;)
    Looks cute in your yard...I bet it gives good memories to all your family.

  2. Great memories! I take any opportunity I have to eat ice cream. :)

  3. Your vacation snapshots are so neat. We enjoyed a store like this at the lake that my Aunt and Uncle ran. Wonderful memories and I really like your sign.