Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Clawfoot Tub

I am a convert. 
We were ambivalent about having a tub but we knew we had to have one for resale.
I would have used the extra floor space for a chaise lounge.
We never used the old ugly, gigantic jetted tub unless the dog needed a bath.

This one has captured my heart and now I am a bathtub person. 

 I am smitten with the spray nozzle. It's not only gorgeous but it's perfect for cleaning the tub and for rinsing off my feet at the end of our hot Texas summer days. 
I cannot sleep if my feet stick together! 
Now you know...  

 My grandmother wouldn't let us play with the sprayer on their tub. It was an old ugly rubber thing. Remember those?  It took me about a week to get in the habit of turning all the handles the right way otherwise I sprayed all down the back onto the floor. 

I am even crazy about the plug.
It's magnetized to stay put in the drain!

We had a choice of white or chrome feet. Bill thought we should get the chrome to match the faucets. 
Love them.

This tub is the Wessex by Victoria and Albert. 
It is 60 inches long but only 105 pounds so  
it's perfect for a second story. 
An old cast iron tub can weigh 700 pounds filled with water.
For a moment I wasn't sure it was so perfect. 

The plumbers told me to be careful not  to bump the tub that it could easily move and break a water line. 
Sure enough the next day the hot water pipe started leaking. 
I think one of the other workmen bumped into it. 
I was freaking out. 
They came out to repair the line but when I asked about securing the tub to the floor the plumber said that once the glass was installed it wouldn't be an issue.
 I wasn't convinced. 
No person should be able to jar a tub. 
I don't know if I have mentioned this before but I am not graceful. 

I knew that at some point I would nudge that tub in my klutziness. 
I envisioned myself falling out of the tub and breaking a water line. Imagine!
Go ahead try to picture it. 
I got on-line and started doing some research. I also called the assistant at the company that installed it. 
She did some research too because the next morning they came back to bolt it down through special holes that are in the feet.

The owner of the company told me that they took pictures of it for their portfolio so they would know what to do in the future.  
My plumbers were awesome. They were clean and they came in on time and under budget. :) 

While Rebekah and I were picking up some stuff for her new apartment, I saw this little darling table on clearance


Since now I actually use the bathtub it is perfect for a little silver soap dish and a vase of flowers. 

It adds a bit of contemporary to an otherwise traditional space.

This tub was twice what a drop in tub would have been but 
we didn't have to build and surface a surround.

This bathroom is more than I could have hoped for. 
I'm thrilled with it and I'm happy to be a bathtub person! 
See the whole remodel here.  
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  1. Gorgeous! I might also become a bath tub person if I had this tub! Love your bath room!

  2. I love your new tub! I would become a bathtub person too, if I had one like that. I like baths, but tend to use our shower more often. I think your new tub will be a huge asset one day when you do sell your house. Not everyone has a clawfoot tub these days!