Sunday, October 13, 2013

Halloween Tree

One of my students gave me this adorable ornament.

We have a black kitty, so of course, I was smitten.
I found a few more ornaments for just 50 cents one year at the craft mall near the school. It was the following spring so they were deeply discounted. 
They have a vintage Halloween feel.

Last year I had them on my crib spring memo board. 

This year I wanted a Halloween tree but I was too cheap to buy one.
Hobby Lobby had some glossy black trees for $12.00. 
They were a little too shiny if you know what I mean. The branches seemed to be made out of twisted mylar. 
I had some success spray painting Christmas garland last fall so I decided to try black Rust-Oleum on an old alpine style tree I had in the attic.

I went to town on it.  

I figured I had nothing to lose. This tree was old. 
I found a set of these at the grocery store for $14.99 years ago. I've replaced the lights on this one several times. 
After several coats of spray paint it looked pretty good.
It's better than the one from Hobby Lobby. 

I am pleasantly surprised with the results.

I set it on the kitchen island as a background for a Halloween table scape.

The chargers are from Hobby Lobby. 
I've had the white Adam's China plates for a while. They were a thrift store find for $1.00 each. 
I spray painted thrift store Christmas houses black.  

The napkins are dish cloths from Dollar Tree.
So are the bubbles!  

I draped the chandelier in netting also from Dollar Tree. 

I tried to get my photo bomb friend to be a part of the kitchen decor but he has a do not publish policy.

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  1. Love seeing all these Halloween trees on blogland. I never knew people had Halloween trees until now! I love the idea and love that there are some ornaments made just for them! Isn't it funny that the kitties love photobombing your photos until you want them to be in them?

  2. Love all the halloween goodness Katie!

  3. That tree came out great, Katie! I would never have the imagination to do that, The entire kitchen looks awesome!