Saturday, October 5, 2013

White Kitchen Cabinets

It has been a year since we had the cabinets painted and I have to say that I love my white kitchen. 

The kitchen is so much lighter and brighter.  

Let me tell you, it was worth getting this done.
Bill sort of balked at how much it cost to have painters do this for us but he loves it. 
I knew that I wouldn't get a finish that would hold up over time if I painted these myself. 
 I would also always see the imperfections in a DIY job. 

I have had a few nicks and dings over the course of the year but we have plenty of paint left over for touch ups. 

I was over the 90's look and feel of this space before.
The orange oak color was so dark and dated.

The paint and the appliances updated the room without costing us a fortune. 

Read about how I created display shelves in this post.

I love, love, love having a place to display china in the kitchen.

I finally got the molding installed on the top of my Re-Store find.
I found the small cabinet at the Re-Store for only $25.00 shortly before we painted. 
It adds just a bit of a staggered look to boring builder grade cabinets. 
The painter took it down and painted it as if it were normal to have an added cabinet on top of existing cabinets.

My friend asked what the cabinet was for. 
If I were to get new cabinets today, I would have most of the the cabinetry go all the way to the top but most likely I would have a staggered look and some open shelving.

The little cabinet breaks up a visual line that wrapped around the room at the top of the cabinets, giving the room a little more interest. I am pleased as punch that I was able to cut the molding for this myself. 
I hate cutting mitered corners.

I loved having all the display space above the cabinets 20 years ago. Now I wish I had the extra storage cabinetry would provide. 
I have an idea up my sleeve for the space in the center above the microwave. 
I will let you know if I can get that done. Bill will have to help me with lumber. 

I love my kitchen. 



  1. You did a great job with the trim/molding on your little cabinet. I think it looks cute up there and does exactly as you said...breaks up the line around the room.
    I can't wait to see what you do over the microwave...I bet it is more of a staggered touch. I also like the displays with the plates in your kitchen too.
    You didn't mention the eat in aspect of your kitchen My kitchen is eat in too.
    You have a lovely kitchen. Very homey. :) Pat

    1. I have been meaning to show our newish kitchen and table set but that post got lost in the shuffle. Thanks for your sweet words, Pat.

  2. I love your kitchen too! Sometimes I wish I had gone with white. I have oak cabinets, and they are beautifully done, though a little dark. They will have to stay for the foreseeable future. I like the added interest of the little cabinet. Great job!

    1. I really did love my oak for a long time. I realized how orange they had turned once I started taking pictures of the kitchen for my blog. It is so much brighter!

  3. We are working on it. I have been thinking about it for a year. The stuff you did in your kitchen gave me the push to try something. Coming soon....

  4. Have you searched the Kitchen forum yet? There's an absolute wealth of information on that board -- several KDs, planners, and tons of folks who've researched their cabinets for their own renovations. affordable kitchen cabinets

  5. We used to have white kitchen cabinets in our Oakville house but then we moved. I'm thinking of re-doing our cabinets in our current home but I wasn't sure whether to go with a light or a dark color. I am drawn to the darker colors but light cabinets really open up the space. What do you guys think?

    1. I was looking through old photos yesterday and I was struck by how much bigger my kitchen looks with the lighter cabinets. It is much brighter and lighter. Let me know what you decide. My sister in law has really dark oak cabinets and they are beautiful.

  6. A white kitchen, or any other room, will really be much brighter. White reflects much of the light that hits them, illuminating the house. It's nice to know that you're satisfied with your painter's work. There are times that we have to salvage our pockets to satisfy our eyes with the projects. Hehe! Enjoy your awesome kitchen cabinets! :)

    Traci Lawson @

  7. White painted cabinets is definitely the trend of the last few years. We painted about 20 kitchen cabinets white just this past year alone. Personally I loved the ones that added black accents and black hardware the best, not too much though.


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  9. Your kitchen is really elegant. and white kitchen cabinets become one of the good support. BTW. where you get a small cabinet for $ 25?