Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Most Viewed Posts.

I wasn't going to do a top 2013 post but I got curious after seeing other posts about the year. 
It is kind of an easy post to do. 
All the pictures are already there on my computer.


I thought I knew what the top post would be and I was right. 
My top post is our bathroom remodel.
We had no plans to do this in 2013 until we found mold in February.
It was an exciting albeit stressful endeavor but we are thrilled with our bathroom. Bill has given me the go ahead to redo our powder room shower. 
I will get on that sometime this spring. 


A very close second is our Bathroom Countertop in the kid's bath. 
Let me tell you that we did this thinking we were empty nesters. I thought it would only get used by overnight guest but each of our children has made a pitstop back into the household this year and the countertop is holding up great. 
It looks just like like it did in March. 
Shout out to marine finish polyurethane. 

 The third most viewed post this year is our sunroom.
It wasn't a makeover but just a reveal. 

It's my favorite room in the house and it's the most fun to decorate for holidays and seasons. 
I'm trying to tweak it now that Christmas is all packed up. 

Most post revealing our Ikea Curtains  is very Google driven. Many people do searches for Ikea Curtains. I still love these curtains and I recommend them to my friends because they are very affordable. You can get extra long lengths which are very hard to find at other big box stores. 


  A new lining for a vintage Louis Vuitton bag is a popular post. I guess others had the same problem I did. 

I am glad I went through my archives and checked stats. It was interesting to see what people search for and read. 
I am a little frustrated at times that Let's Add Sprinkles isn't just blowing up in blogland. I have given thought to how to grow it but when it comes down to it, I like blogging and I like my part time job. I think I would have to give up my job and I don't want to do that. 
I also don't need another excuse to mole around at home. 
I can get a little too introverted at times as it is. 
So far I think that I have achieved a good balance.
 I wish I had more time to blog hop and leave comments on all the other fun blogs I read. I know it would help my traffic and increase my comments but I want my friends to come back because they want to not because they feel obligated to. 
I appreciate all of you that stop in and check out what we are up to over here.  
Happy New Year!


  1. Always enjoy visiting you, Katie. Happy New Year!

  2. I so enjoyed seeing your top posts. Since I was out sick most of this year it was nice for me to catch up on your! I would kill for that bathroom, our is so small. Wishing you and your family a very happy and healthy New Year!

  3. What a gorgeous master bath!!! Our main bath is the size of a closet, and I'd love to have all that space!

    I've been blogging for over 3 years, and my blog has grown very slowly. I didn't join any parties for the first year and basically blogged to our daughters! I work 3 or more days a week, so I know what you mean about finding a healthy balance. It's easy to get caught up in all the hoopla and spend too much of your precious free time on the computer. I only publish a few posts a month, and it's hard to keep up with those who post almost every day. This year, I'm not even going to try to keep up. If I lose followers, so be it. There are more important things in life than my little ole' blog! Anyway, I enjoy visiting your blog and look forward to the upcoming year.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Katie, I've found that a lot of the "bigger" bloggers never return comments, no matter how many comments you leave them. So I would just as soon mine grow slowly because I don't want it to become so impersonal. I hope you have a fabulous new year.

  5. I knew that bathroom makeover would be your #1, Katie! I missed a couple of yours, so I'll go back and check them out. I hear you about becoming a blogging hermit -- before I know it an entire day has gone by, and I haven't gone out. It's not easy to find that balance. Anyway, loved all of your "tops" and wish you a bright new year!

  6. Thank you guys for your sweet comments. I think we are all in the same boat. I'm not trying to make a living at this blogging thing. I'm in it for fun and the sweet friends I've made along the way.

  7. You have some good posts from 2013. I've never done a summary of my most popular posts either. I know what you mean about it taking so much time to grow your blog, but I do think it's best to keep balance in your life. Remember that a happy blogger has happy blog posts! LOL.

  8. you've accomplished a lot
    in 2013

    that bathroom is gorgeous!

    would love for you to stop by
    and share at Fridays Unfolded
    if you get a chance!


  9. I understand what you mean about growing your blog. My dilemma is similar. My blog is growing slowly but I've decided that's ok. I'm still connecting to people who like the same kinds of things I do. My blog will be a year old this month and I can't imagine my life now without blogging.