Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas in the Master Bedroom

So far I have stuck to my pledge to dial it back everywhere but in the master bedroom. 
This tree was giving me fits.

Last year the tree in the sunroom was an old tree that I painted in order for it to look flocked. I bought a new tree for the sunroom so I decided to put the faux flocked tree in my room. The plan was to string it with white lights and just plug it in. 
 It looked scraggly and crumpled and bare.

It took about a week of playing with it to get it right. 
I wanted a look that I saw in Southern Accents magazine years ago. The tree was by designer Pamela Pierce. It was simply dressed with glass balls.
You can check her out on Pinterest.

I was trying to recreate that tree with ornaments from Walmart and Hobby Lobby. 
I'm sure the ones she used were hand blown but I wasn't about to spring for something like that. 
I added little white birds to mine. I've had my glass birds for years and pulled them out again for the downstairs tree, the sunroom tree and this one.

I still wasn't thrilled with the tree until I stuck little icicle branches in here and there. The branches were once part of a garland. I went all Edward Scissorhands and cut it up.     
It is very sparkly at night which is what I wanted.

Rebekah and I found a pair of bifold doors at the Restore for $20.00. I sent them out to the painter to be sprayed. The other one is in the dining room. I love the texture.

The black watch plaid pillows were in the sunroom last Christmas. 
They were a disaster.
These little pillows were magnets for the big puffs of fur that emanate from our dog.

I moved them upstairs to my room for a change and hopefully they will be a little more protected from white dog hair.

I love, love the black and white.

The needlepoint church is one of my favorite things to highlight at Christmas.

I've had these little wool mittens forever. I tucked some Yaupon Holly into them.

I started this needlepoint and never finished it. Hopefully someday…

I pulled this chair out of the next door neighbor's trash. 

It's so pretty at night. 
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  1. Your home looks so pretty. I think your bedroom tree is lovely, Thanks for stopping by!

  2. The tree looks so pretty in your room - I'd want to keep it there all year!

  3. What a lovely sight at the end of the day. I'll be happy to get clean bedding on all the beds before the offspring arrive! Those little wool mittens are precious.

  4. Your tree really is beautiful. I love how you accessorized your old window too!

  5. Your bedroom looks beautiful. Thank you for sharing your Christmas touches at THT.