Monday, December 2, 2013

White Guest Room

This is a long one. I apologize in advance.

I knew I needed to paint Rebekah's old room but I had been putting it off.
She and I had only painted it a few years ago. 
We picked Meadow Trail from Sherwin Williams. 
It wasn't doing it for me. 

This room has also been white, celadon, Tiffany box blue and khaki.
I thought about going back with celadon but in the end I chose white. 

I think I have only painted one wall white, one time and only because I was repairing a wall that had been covered in cork board. 
I didn't believe in white walls.

I had two gallons of white paint in the garage. One was Colorplace and the other Glidden. Both of them were grab it and go, off the shelf, premixed white.
I mixed them together so I would have enough to cover the room because I didn't think one gallon would be enough and I was right. What a pain that would have been to run out of one color white in the middle of a wall. Even though they were both white, there was a subtle difference. (I started this project at 6:30 one evening and painted until 11 p.m.
There was no way I was up for a Walmart run.)

  I lost my shabby and white guest room when Jonnie moved back in last summer.  
See it here and here.

 I decided to shop the house to finish this room. 
My husband loves it when I don't spend any money. 

I made the dust ruffle with some fabric that
a sign shop had donated to my school. I rescued it from the summer clean out. I hotglued the ruffle to the existing bedskirt.

 Yes, sometimes I am lazy.

I had to re-find all the pillows that had been on Jonnie's bed. They got dispersed when he moved back in. 
Several of them eventually ended up in my bedroom so I made a new little envelope pillow out of an old vintage pillowcase. 

The accent color was inspired by this pink velveteen chair from Bill's Granny Vi. 

It has to stay in here. There is no way Bill will allow it to be in any of the other bedrooms or in the living room. 
There is a line even I cannot cross. :)
I love this chair. It's comfy, funky and cute.

My favorite things in the room came from this little rose book. I've had it for a while but it's been falling apart.

I took two of the pages and popped them into painted frames. 

 The frames don't match. The prints almost do. 
These are gorgeous and I'm totally smitten with them.

The memo board is a washstand towel bar and some chicken wire.

I pinned the rest of the book and some vintage postcards to the chicken wire. 

 What is it about chicken wire? Love!

Dixie chewed on the little velveteen flowers when she was a puppy. I painstakingly put them back together because they are precious.


The shade on the little alabaster lamp is wonky. I've tried to fix it but it will not stay on straight no matter what I do. 

We used to have the best garage sales around here. The lamp was a $1.00. 

This mirror was $5.00.
I think the chandelier looks better with the white walls.
It was 50 cents. 

The footboard is the old settee from the garden room.

I promised ages ago that I would show it to you but I just couldn't get any pictures to come out. This room was very hard to photograph. It was tough to realize that this piece wasn't good as a settee.
It was cute but no one ever sat on it but me. 
It was too low and uncomfortable. I'm short so it was perfect for me. :)

I had to take off the middle section and trim it down to be as wide as the mattress. 
I turned it around so the good side would be facing out. The bottom board had to be stained because it was behind the seat of the settee for years. 

  I've decided to leave the furniture as is for now because I love the quirky bed too much to mess with things. All the chests are oak even if the wood tones don't match exactly.

I did have to break down and buy a few white dishes to stage Gene (our secretary.) There were tons of white dishes at the thrift store this morning. The whole pile added up to less than $8.00. I could have shopped the house for white dishes as well, but then I'd have to shop to replace what I took.
The little suitcase was also slated for the trash at the school.I grabbed it and painted it. Bill does some leather work, hopefully he will make a new leather strap for it. 

I still need to paint the trim and the doors (clearly) but I will wait until after the holidays.
I'll be back because I want to talk about 
Mr. Chester Drawers in another post.

 Bye for now,
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  1. Oh what a lovely bedroom! I'm sure your daughter loves it!!

  2. You've worked hard in that bedroom! I love how you've repurposed things for the room. I think your husband should be proud how much you've done with your creativity and not your wallet. Did you say that chandelier was only 50 cents??? Amazing deal!

  3. Chester Drawers! LOL! I think the room came alive when you painted it white. Who woulda thunk it, that good old basic white would enliven a room. Great makeover!

  4. The room (and the color) looks fantastic! You've gotten some amazing deals and made them look like a million bucks-love it! :)

  5. Oh my such a beautiful room and a fabulous makeoer. Love that mirror frame revamped as a message board. So clever. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  6. I love what you did with that settee /turned foot board! That is truly thinking outside the box. Wonderful!
    This entire room is so pretty. I can't wait to work some of this magic in our guest bedroom. I started using the paint I bought for in there MY Kitchen. It is 5 I should have enough (even though the guest bedroom is currently Mid night blue--it should still be enough to cover) I love this room-- I'm pinning some for inspiration. :)