Friday, February 14, 2014

New Socket Covers for a Chandelier

Your chandelier looks like it could use some new candle socket covers.

See how these have yellowed with time? 
Chances are that the ones from Lowes or Home Depot will not fit your chandelier. They are 4 inches long and they are always too tall for the sockets in our house.

You can't really cut them unless you use a razor blade. 
I don't know about you but I'm not super graceful and I can imagine slicing myself while trying to cut a cylindrical object.
So this is how I did it without snapping the plastic cover in half. 
Figure out how much you need cut off.
Cut a fringe of plastic all the way around the cover.

Cut off each little piece.
Repeat for remaining covers.
 I would not make your fringe too deep.
Repeat the process if you need to cut more than an inch.
Put the factory edge up and the home cut edge down to disguise any boo boos.

That is it folks.
Super easy. 
New candle covers will refresh an old chandelier. 
Specialty lamp store will probably have the glammier versions with gold or dripping wax. 

That has never been super important to me.
New candle covers will run anywhere from $2.00 - $2.97 for a package of two.
We have our new chandelier up and I can't wait to show you. 



  1. This is a great idea! Anxious to see your new chandelier.
    Mary Alice

  2. Thanks for sharing...nice to know you can buy new covers!