Thursday, March 13, 2014

Garden Decor in the Garden Room

When I saw this image in the Pottery Barn catalogue this month, I was completely head over heels.
I can't wait for spring.

I was cleaning up after the great de-popcorning of 2014 and I grouped a few of my Pottery Barn silks together before I packed them away. They looked so cute together and it reminded me of the catalogue. I knew I wanted to decorate with a tulips and other bulbs in the garden room for spring. 

The dish dresser is one of my favorite pieces to decorate. 

Flowers, garden implements, birds, seeds and a cute vintage cat bank.
The kitty keeps the bird population to a minimum. 

The chalkware bank was in my room when I was a kid but I suspect that it was old when I got it.
We found it when we cleaned out the steamer trunk in the garage. 

There is an area on the other side of the room that I love to decorate too.

I got the shelf for $5.00 out in the country.
 A lady at work gave me the ice cream table. 

I picked put a book of postcards at Half Price Books not too long ago. 

It has these adorable reproduction graphics for bulbs and seeds
They are perfect for tucking in my old flower frogs.

There were two different types of tulip graphics and many other types of flowers too.  

This tulip print got a makeover.
 It used to hang in my cute office at the church where I worked as a Children's Minister. I thought I'd given it away but it was tucked back in the closet underneath the stairs.  
It had a black frame and red mat. 
I painted the frame and flipped the mat over.
Most mats are white on the back side so there was no need to buy a new mat for its new look. The whole room got a good cleaning.

I'll pop back in here to tell you about my new French chair and the sad story of my old French chair.

We're enjoying this beautiful day in North Texas. 
It's perfect sunroom weather.


  1. Your garden room looks so pretty, and I really love the postcard seed packets. what wonderful colors. I really like your new french chair! So wanting warmer weather to come here in IL! We just got 7" of more snow...ugh!

  2. OH, your room looks just lovely and so spring-y! :)

  3. You have such a pretty and spacious sunroom! I bet you enjoy it on sunny days. I like that you filled it with things you love.

  4. It's really looking like spring! You really transformed it, and it must feel so nice to spend time in there. I would love to have a sun room. I would love to have warm weather. Sigh.