Sunday, June 22, 2014

Just Ducky

There was a guest in the neighborhood the other day.

She need a moment to rest after some gentleman callers were ruffling her feathers, if you know what I mean? 

Bekah heard a loud commotion and was a little surprised to see this female Mallard in the yard next door.

 She saw two males fighting over her. 

We were a little concerned about Miss Duck.

We both wanted to have a good look at her to make sure she wasn't hurt in the ruckus. 
The males took off. 

She would waddle around and then just sit for a bit. 
Such a pretty girl.

Since she didn't appear to be hurt, we went inside to eat Bill's birthday dinner. 

I get what they see in her. 

She was gone when we got back.
 I think she was just a little flummoxed by all the attention she received. 
Who wouldn't be?


  1. What fun watching the ducks. You captured some great photos.
    Mary Alice

  2. She's so cute! My daughter will like to see this :)

  3. How neat to see all those ducks in your yard! My dog would've gone crazy to get them though. Glad the female duck was alright. I guess males (even in the animal world) are all alike. LOL!