Thursday, June 5, 2014

On My Knees

Motherhood is tiring. 
You are probably wondering why me, an empty nester, would say that. 
I don't have anyone to clean up after besides Bill and myself. 
He is not that messy. I'm the messy one.
Yet being a mother is exhausting. 
Getting on my knees (figuratively speaking) before the Lord on behalf of my offspring is quite different than getting on my knees to scrub behind a toilet. 

As I was praying for my children a couple of weeks ago, I told the Lord that I just couldn't do it anymore. 
I was tired. I was weary. I'd been praying for a child/children for almost 30 years and I was done with it. 
I couldn't come with anything else to pray.

My children have struggled financially way more than Bill and I did and interest rates were at a high of 15% when we were buying our first house. 
My kids are nowhere close to being able to buy a house.

I don't think we are the only family struggling with this and
I'm over it and so are they.
Anyway, after the Lord stopping giggling, I could hear Him say; "That's too bad. If their mother won't pray for them 
who will?"

I should have thought of that before the pregnancy test changed color. Yes, there were pregnancy tests way back in the old days.
Of course none of this was audible.
I don't have the luxury of not praying for my children.I came to my senses a little bit and went on praying but this time I relinquished the specific, controlling type of prayer that told God what should happen.
Every time I try to "will" God to act it doesn't work. 
Allowing Him the ability to do "His will," always works.

The first time I encountered this was when I was trying to potty train my eldest. I pressed, cajoled, pleaded with, bribed the child to use the potty. When I finally gave up and told the Lord that I couldn't do it, that's when Chris potty trained with no effort at all. 

The physically exhausting days of cleaning behind the potty on my knees are over. 
Getting on my knees in prayer will never be.
Thank heavens for answered prayer.


  1. All you can do for them as they get older is pray :-)

  2. I'm sorry to hear that your kids have been needing so many prayers. I'm sure they're thankful for them though! I still have my kids living at home, so I'm still on my knees scrubbing behind the toilets too. But I'm also saying prayers for them. Praying for their futures and safety and good health. That's a mom's job right?