Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dish Storage/Open Shelving

Good Afternoon!

We have dish storage.
I told you about our sad builder basic kitchen cabinet that was beginning to fall apart. 
It is hard to believe that ginormous thing was able to hang there but it's gone now. 
I kept the doors and hopefully we can repurpose them. 
I patched the texture on the wall with a combination of mud, paint and sand. This is what we used in '98 but back then, it came premixed.  
It creates a stucco look that has had amazing longevity. 

The wall needed to be touched up. 
Sadly, there was no original wallpaper back there. 
It would have been very time capsule-ish.  
This color is Kilim Beige by Sherwin Williams. It's the very pretty, buttery color my sister-in-law used it at their lake house. 
After pinning a ton of ideas,I headed up to Home Depot to get brackets and boards. 
I chose the same brackets used on this blog.

These brackets were a bear to hang.

They were very difficult to get level. Even creating a template of the back of the bracket didn't prove successful. I was very frustrated and tired by the time they were up I felt like a bear. 

I was exhausted and only did two shelves. 
You know when you work hard on something and then you're underwhelmed?
Well, that's what happened. Bill seemed underwhelmed too. 

He thought the bottom shelf was okay but the top shelf was a waste because it was staged with decorative stuff instead of dishes we need.
"What do we need that cow up there for?"
Um please?
"There have to be a few decorative things up there or it will look bad." 
FYI: Cow pitchers annoy spouses almost as much as pillows. 

These shelves were securely on the wall but it just didn't feel like it. 
So the peace of mind I expected with them didn't come. Dishes smashed all over the floor kept flashing around my brain. 
Dog gone it, Google!
The next morning after coffee, I got to work on the third shelf.

Notice the little cow pitcher got moved to the top shelf. 

A near disaster with a vent pipe from the sink was averted. 
Thank heavens the plumber was here installing a toilet. 

 Now it's in balance with the other cabinets and the vent hood. The decorative stuff we never use can go up on the third shelf.

These seemed a little insecure and bland so they got tweaked again yesterday morning. 
I added a board under each shelf to brace the units. 
Now they feel secure. 

The brace is drilled into the studs and the shelf is drilled down into the brace. 

The boards were reclaimed from another project that I did 20 years ago. I like the contrast of the natural boards and the white. 
But as I said on instagram, "It's fun for now because I'm too tired to paint."

About the time it was finished, Bill sent this text.
"Hope you're done "wreaking-renovating" our house and taking it easy!
I was.
This project was not on the agenda for this summer. 
I was missing the cabinet but this is cute and will be fun to style for the holidays.

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  1. He's worried about the cow? There's a pig there too! :)

    Looks VERY nice altogether ! :)

  2. I love it! I always add a board underneath shelves for stability when I make them, otherwise they seem sort of unfinished. I think you got it just right and I'd love to do the same in my kitchen!

  3. The third shelf really made the difference. I think it looks great, and you can constantly change them up, which will be a lot of fun. You made me laugh about the pillows and spouses! Perfect!

  4. I love it! I'm a big fan of open shelving in a kitchen. Unfortunately, my husband isn't. I have to keep working on him with that one. I do have some cabinet doors removed though. That's a start! I like how you lined up your shelving with the cabinets. It really looks great!

    1. Bill wasn't sure about the idea at all but today he told me that he loves it. He finally feels like he's not going to bash his head on the cabinet.

  5. I absolutely love the way these retro appliances look! Wonderful colors! Growing up, ours were harvest gold. I don't really like the stainless steel, but I think it's really popular right now.

  6. it Katie! What a lovely change in your already gorgeous kitchen!

  7. I don't have the courage to do the open shelving concept, but I like how you did just one section. It's amazing how open it makes the space look!