Monday, July 7, 2014

Tour Through Blogland

Hi everybody,
I've been invited to be a part of a blog tour featuring different bloggers.
Jeanette @ Creating a Life asked me to be a part of her tour. 
I love Jeanette. She has such a sweet blog. She has the heart of an angel and the strength of a lion. Her creativity is amazing and she can create the most amazing stuff out of nothing.

If I lived in Colorado, she would be the recipient of all our scrap lumber so I could just sit back and see what she creates. 
Thanks, Jeanette, for thinking of me. I'm honored.

Can I answer 4 questions about myself?

#1 What am I working on?
I am embarking on 2 things. I'm in the midst of removing the popcorn from the ceilings in this house. 

That is boring so I'll talk about the other projects we're thinking about.

We created a space for our little pool in the back yard. A pool for just sitting or floating in and keeping cool. It will be our own little backyard oasis, our watering or swimming hole. It could even be used as a baptismal. ;)
It needs a level area next to it so I'm going to try to build a floating deck. I'd really like to do this primarily myself but we will see. 

This area will affectionately be called "mosquitoville."  Yes, yes it will.

I also discovered a huge issue with one of my kitchen cabinets. It looks like the back is separating from the left side. Bill and I are in the process of figuring out what to do.

I've often wondered how on earth something that big stays up. 

We're entertaining the idea of open shelves. I know I can keep it neat but Bill says no more mismatched sets of china if that is what we decide to do. 
I'm sad because we only painted this a year and a half ago. We thought our kitchen was almost done but we can't just ignore this problem and it's gotten worse in the last six months. 

#2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?
This is a hard one. There are so many blogs out there that decorate in a style similar to mine.

There are a lot of DIY blogs. The difference with "Let's Add Sprinkles" is that I like to figure stuff out on my own. Occaisionally, I'll feature my husband's work but by and large, I like to tackle DIYs while he is at work. I'm not afraid of getting dirty, making mistakes and learning to use new tools.

Yet, I love decorating, crafting and sewing almost as much as I love running power tools.

The paint brush has an active run around here too.

#3. Why do I write/create what I do?
I've always been a creator/crafter/decorator. It may seem that I'm just working on stuff for the blog so I can keep posting.

Not really. I'm a serial changer/re-arranger. My home is constantly being tweaked and it has been in periodic states of redecoration or remodel since I moved out on own.

I've found that blogging about it is therapeutic and fun. I've never been someone who journals so this is my photographic journal. 

#4. How does my writing/creating process work?

Usually I'll come up with a project that I want to do. The blog post is swirling around my head while I'm in the midst of the creation. Hopefully the camera is charged and at the ready.
These posts are fairly easy to write because it comes as an outpouring of what I just worked on. 

Sometimes, I'll have a more heartfelt thought or message that I'd like to convey. These are harder posts to write because they are deeper glimpses of my heart. These sometimes take months of contemplation before they come to fruition. They are the most rewarding.

I love blogging. I'm so thankful for all of you that follow along on my journey. 

Now let me introduce a sweet blog sister.

Suzan of Simply Vintageous is an amazing blogger and she is funny. Suzan relates the conversations she has with her husband. They are hilarious. They sound very much like the conversations that go on in our house. Suzan is adept at turning old furniture into new treasures.

 She is in the midst a major home renovation.

 Her "I want to live there Wednesday" is a fun feature. 
She also relates deeper thoughts and stuff about family. 
My favorite is her John Says - Suzan Says.   
Please, please go stop by her fun blog. Look for her feature next Monday, July 14th.
Thanks for taking time to tour with me. 

Partying with,
Savvy Southern Style


  1. I've been to visit and love these! They are worthy of the feature.

  2. Great post! I hate that your cabinets are shifting. My next door neighbors cabinets fell off the wall one time and it was completely unexpected. Maybe yours are not screwed into studs?

    1. It is down and I can rest easy. The back was screwed into the studs. The side, shelves and front were literally splitting forward from the back. Eventually, it would have split completely. I think I've jammed it too full over the years.

  3. OMG - thanks for the reminder Katie !!!
    Loved reading this ( your home is so gorgeous - )
    AND I say go for the open cabinets - why does everything have to match??? Men !!!

    1. He will be on board once he looks at some pictures. If we don't like it, we can shop for an upper that is well constructed.

  4. Hi Katie, I really enjoyed your little tour. I just LOVE the idea of the little DIY pool in the backyard. It's a watering tub for life-stock isn't it? So I need to ask you, will you be using chlorine in it and a filter? Or do you just let fresh water in when you use it????

    1. Yes, it's a live stock tank from a Tractor Supply. We didn't need chlorine because our water has so much already. :O. It has a pump and a filter. It's been two weeks and all I've had to do is skim it and refill a little. I posted about it last week and I plan on posting about the pump soon. I love it.

    2. Hi Katie, thanks so much. I just checked out the previous post....I LUV IT.....

  5. I loved your tour! You've highlighted some of the top reasons I love following you. I SO admire your ability to figure out what you want to do and just learn how to do it. You have a beautiful home, a lovely heart and wonderful humor!
    I've been a follower of Suzan's for a long time, and look forward to her tour as well.
    Blessed to know you, Katie!


    1. Thank you, Jeanette. Thank you for the invitation and all the kind words. I'm blessed to know you too.

  6. I just read Suzanne's post and she you picked her, she is a stitch, isn't she. I enjoyed learning more about you and loved you home tour. Maybe I need to get a little pool for myself too. I had to figure thing out too, when I bought the Charmer I was single, and no money to hire someone! So I can appreciate what's involved!