Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend in Arkansas

Bill and I got away for a long weekend. He needed a break. 
We rented a house in Hatfield, Arkansas.

Such a cute house!

The property was right on the Mountain Fork of the Little River.

The view of the river was gorgeous. 

There were other views around the property that captivated me.

The old fishing shack was a tad creepy.

There were quite a few bird houses.

Bill had a grand time fishing from the canoe. 
He caught some fish but unfortunately he lost his glasses when he tumped over. 
He lost his glasses but saved his fishing rods. 
At least he had prescription sunglasses he could wear. 
He has run up to the eye doctor but it may be a while before he has glasses. 
He said it was worth it and was glad it happened at the end of the trip! :)

There were Crepe Myrtles and fruit trees. 
 I was especially taken with the circle drive as you approach the house. I want to remember this design in the event we ever purchase a cottage. 

I didn't take pictures of the inside. It was more cabin than cottage but it was comfortable.

Even though Hatfield is only about four hours from home, it was a tad cooler so we were able to sit on the fabulous porch. 
The nearby town is Mena, Arkansas. We found a few fun things to do and I'll share those in another post. 


  1. Arkansas was my first home here in the US. This place looks relaxing for sure

  2. This looks like a fantastic getaway! The house is so cute...I have never been to Arkansas, but of course, I'd love to get there! Looking forward to your next post!

  3. That looks like fun! We live in Northwest Arkansas---in Bella Vista. I'd love to rent a fun weekend cottage like this!