Saturday, August 23, 2014

Here We Go Around the Year Again

It really doesn't take long for me to start thinking about  apples, pumpkins, hay bales and scarecrows once school starts.

Fall is a big season in the blog world! 
It's like the "season" on Downton Abbey.

Bloggers are having parties and blog hops all displaying fall perfection. They are showing off their homes on fall home tours. They are pulling out all the stops in order to create the new "it" pumpkin! 
Will it be bigger than the dryer hose pumpkin? 
Will it cause as much of a stir as the canning jar lid pumpkin?
Will it even be orange?

There is so much anticipation! 
I feel so much pressure to have the perfect fall porch pin

 or the perfect fall mantel post. 

Dare I say, I'm not looking forward to fall?
I used to cover just about every surface with fall embellishments. 
There was smattering of leaves, acorns, squirrels and burlap 
fall is merely a shadow compared to the real decorating season - Christmas! 

I'm tired just thinking about it.   
Jim died last fall and I don't look forward to those memories. I really am okay and I've moved past the grief but I don't think I'm ready to see orange leaves quite yet -
not quite yet.
Fall, Christmas, winter, Valentine's Day, Easter are all reasons to decorate. It feels like summer is the only respite from the constant change. 
The decorating seasons just go on and on and on and for some reason I'm not feeling it.

Maybe that will change once Pumpkin Spice Lattes start to permeate the air. 
We'll see and so will you if the creative juices start flowing.
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  1. I love the fall and cannot wait for it to come. When you lose a loved one the first year is the hardest. It took me awhile to like this coming time of the year after my Mom died. After I went through the grieving I started to look forward to them again. Fall was also her favorite time of the year and now I have wonderful memoires to cherish.

  2. Katie, Love your pictures. Yikes, let's not do Christmas yet. LOL. I do love the fall banner and lights on the mantle. xoxo,Susie

    1. Thank you, Susie. I made that last year. I do not want to think about Christmas!

  3. I was like that last Fall. My heart wasn't in it since my son went away to boot camp and I was missing him beyond belief. So, I understand that feeling. It's funny how each season has it's own memories that go along with it. I don't decorate as much for Fall these days anyway. Now that the kids are older I don't feel the need. I prefer to let nature decorate itself outside and do less inside.

    1. I'll have to pop over and look at some of your archives. I try to do that but the boxes in the garage start taunting me and suddenly I'm on orange overload. I'm not a huge fan of the color orange.
      I miss my oldest since his move to N.Y. in March. I hope he gets to come home for Christmas.

  4. It is a lot of work to try to get everything together before the weather has even turned to autumn. I find it hard to look at seasonal decor that's posted too far before the season starts. I like to enjoy the here and now. Our summers are so darn short that I'm going to enjoy every last day!! I hope each year this season will get easier for you, Katie.

    1. I agree, Vickie. This was such an odd summer. The weather was gorgeous down here and so much cooler than normal. I'm afraid you all might be in for another cold winter. If so, I hope you can squeeze in every warm moment that you can. Have a great week.

  5. The pictures are gorgeous. Happy Christmas decoration. Enjoy.
    Interior Design

  6. Dear Katie,
    I'm new to your blog . . . and visiting from WOW Us Wednesdays.
    I smiled as I read your post. I, too, was so surprised to see Fall decor posts so early.
    I think I saw my first one about 4 weeks ago. Even though I am totally excited about Fall, I'm still in the end-of-Summer mood.
    Don't ever feel pressured to get your Fall decorations up until YOU'RE ready, even if that's not til October.
    I don't even think the first day of Fall is until September 24th. So you have time :0)
    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!
    Have a wonderful week,

  7. I agree with Suzanne, don't feel pressured. It does make me feel like I'm falling behind too but's still summer for us for awhile. I'm thinking about a little fall decorating around October 1st. I like natural things with very little faux mixed in.

  8. I agree, Katie, I'm not ready for it, either. For me, most of my fall decorating is outside, and I love doing that "up," since I don't do Christmas decor (Chanukah just doesn't allow for cozy decor like Christmas does). I have to do my fall decorating in "real" time, not blogging time. Don't succumb to the pressure if you aren't feeling it!

  9. My father was hospitalized on Jan 18, 1994. On Feb 4th, the doctor told him he had 6 months to live. He died 2 days later. On Jan 18th, on the way to the hospital I bought a bag of red foil-wrapped Valentine's Day candy and we played black jack every night at the hospital with those candies as chips. Every year, when I turn the aisle at the store and come face to face with that year's newly displayed Valentine's Day candy, I can hardly breathe. So, I understand your feelings about Fall d├ęcor. It never goes away, but it does get better.