Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Decor Prints Out Of Old Books

Bekah and Bill wanted to drive over to the big Half Price Book Store in Dallas.  Getting the two of them out of a bookstore is usually a trick but this time I was the one that needed the nudge to leave.
I'd been shopping for old botanicals on e-Bay.

I'd spent $24.00 for an antique English Pine Cone print. Since I wanted a variety of botanicals and bird prints to change out with the seasons, I decided that an old book was a better and more economical option. I had been looking for vintage field guides but I couldn't find anything. I thought a book store might have a better selection of newer works. I was certain that any black and white illustrations would work. The pages could always be antiqued if they looked too new.
Half Price Books had what I was looking for.
I found some with flowers for spring and

some with ferns and other flowers for summer.

This little pocket guide to wildflowers by Peterson was only $7.95 but it is packed with illustrations in color and in black and white.

The pocket guide to the trees of the Rocky Mountains will be wonderful this fall and winter.

There are pinecones but there are also illustrations of nuts and acorns.

This book was only $5.99.

I also got two bird books. 
I've already framed a few birds native to Texas for the office.

It was the most expensive book but $14.99 was a great deal. There are hundreds of gorgeous bird prints in it.
This book is a reprint from 1990 so I'm not destroying anything valuable. 

I used a razor blade knife to cut the prints out of the book. 

I plan on tucking a few owl prints in with some fall decor

 but there are also some crows if I feel like it.

I found all of these in the non fiction area of the store.
Bill and Bekah didn't find much that night but I was thrilled with my purchase. 
I love seasonal decorating and having natural illustrations to tuck in here and there will be such fun. 
Have a great day!
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  1. You certainly got your money's worth, Katie! I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun changing things up each season!

  2. Score! I love them all... xxx....

  3. I love botanicals and bird illustrations, too. A friend of mine has that same Audobon book and is also using it for artwork. You found some good book bargains!

  4. Great idea, Katie! All of those books should keep you stocked up for awhile!