Tuesday, September 23, 2014

White Dinette for the Patio

Have you ever shopped for something and then decided you had the perfect thing all along? 
I was ready to update our old dinette set on the patio. The green just wasn't doing it for me anymore. I thought about taking it up to get painted at the auto body shop. Bill thought that idea was ridiculous. I was too embarrassed to go by myself but I still think it's a good idea.

We were at Home Depot last October and we saw a white table for only $37.00. It was just too good of a deal to pass up. 


Bekah took the old green table and two chairs to her apartment. I used the other two chairs by the fire pit.

I thought we would have no problem finding white chairs to go with the table. The antique mall had a section of outdoor furniture but they didn't have anything white. We had two little bistro chairs to hold us over until spring. But spring came and there were still no chairs to be found.
Lowes had some but the seats were very bright primary colors. Since my scheme on the deck changes from year to year that wasn't going to work for me.
 A few weeks ago, Rebekah moved to a new apartment with a smaller balcony and the table and chairs wouldn't fit. 
Bill set the table on the curb and it was quickly re-loved by someone else. I should have included a warning about the table top. 

 I decided to spray paint two of the old chairs.
 This project took only two cans each. 
The overspray was ridiculous even though I draped the deck completely.

 So for the price of 4 cans of Rustoluem, we have two brand new looking chairs.

They look adorable. 

They are what I would have bought if I could have found them.

We had the perfect thing all along. 
They just weren't the perfect color. 
Have a great day on this first day of fall!

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  1. Hi Katie! Love your solution. Paint is just like magic! I have quite a few things that would be perfect in a different color. Unfortunately painting isn't one of my things. So lots waiting in the wings. Your new patio looks wonderful!

  2. I love when that happens! They look very spiffy in their white coat of paint. Love the checkered tablecloth, too!

  3. I've got those same chairs in green, and I like them much better painted white! I like the mix of chairs and the picnic baskets add a festive touch to your patio. Our chairs will be packed away for the season this weekend. Enjoy yours!

  4. It's fun to find things that we can re-love but it's even more fun when those items already belong to us! Enjoy your dining set! Blessings, Cindy