Saturday, November 1, 2014

An Evening With Joanna Gaines

Hi everybody.
I'm so excited to fill you in on the Magnolia Gathering Thursday night in Waco.
An Evening With Joanna Gaines.

We got to Waco in enough time to visit one of my favorite junk shops. We left a little early because I didn't want to hit any traffic in Hillsboro. 
If you have ever traveled out of DFW on I-35, you know what I'm talking about.
Laverty's is a fun junk shop with junk shop prices. 
It isn't open all the time so check on line to see when they are open.

We made it to the event venue with about 35 minutes to spare.
The people who flew in for the event got to go in early.
I thought that was sweet.

The tables were decorated with oblong boxes made out of barn wood.  They were filled with greens and a few flowers.
Big cloches filled with pumpkins were sprinkled about.

Our places were set with white plates, a white napkin, nest chargers and a darling metal leaf. 
I am replicating this look for a dinner party.

We got to keep the nest and the leaf.
There were some tables filled with stock from Joanna's store. 

I didn't buy anything but these wreaths were adorable. 
I plan to make a trip back down to Waco to do some shopping.

The line to greet Joanna was insanely long but Chip mingled around the room meeting people.

Joanna was introduced and began to speak at about 7:00.

The first part of the program was a little about their story.
Although she said she had never lead a seminar before she did a fabulous job.
The message that we shouldn't give up on our dreams was clearly communicated.
Joanna confessed that when she opened her shop she didn't didn't have a clue how to decorate. The closing of the store a couple of years later was bittersweet, but she soon became convinced that their story wasn't over. She shared a little about how they got the show on HGTV and what has happened since.
Joanna sweetly conveyed gratitude and awe at the support they have received.
 She thought that only 20 people would show up at this event. There were 600 of us.

We were given this clipboard with the darling chalkboard message during the DIY portion of the evening.

We were also given this printable to make a banner
we made a napkin ring out of the branches and flowers from the centerpiece.

Joanna shared her heart for easy entertaining. 
Confessing that she has made the mistake of taking on too much prep which has caused her to be worn out by the time the guests had arrived.
I could completely relate.

At some point she realized the point is the time spent together with friends and family and that we should make entertaining a little easier on ourselves.

She answered a few questions. These were submitted in advance. Someone asked how they were dealing with their new celebrity status and she shared it was a little odd having people stopping to take pictures of the sign in front of the farm.

We were pleased when Chip came out onto the stage wearing the tool belt.
The tool belt was from the episode filmed inside Laverty's. 
We all started clapping and cheering.
He started a chain saw which he later gave away to one of the 14 men in the audience.

At the conclusion of the evening they gave away more prizes. They had a drawing for some of the jewelry that Joanna wears and one of the purses that she loves.
 I didn't win. I really never win anything but this time I hoped I would make up for it.
 No such! Joanna has become quite the fashion icon as well. It was clear that the recipients of the prizes were thrilled.

Chip is hilarious and Joanna is a wonderful balance to his humor.
I was struck that although they have an air of celebrity around them, they are mindful of the journey and how God has led them to this place. 
There were many people behind the scenes so you could tell that this is quite an organization. 
The event was being filmed for the show.

They are appreciative of their fan base and seem genuinely in awe that fans would come from as far away as Seattle, Connecticutt and Fargo, North Dakota.
The lady from Seattle won a $500.00 gift card to their shop.

We had a wonderful time. The tickets seemed a little pricey but I think it was worth every penny. These types of events will only get more popular as Chip and Joanna continue on HGTV. This was still pretty intimate even though there were 600 of us. I think they will need a bigger venue in the future. 
I caught a glimpse of their new silos as we drove by. I regret we didn't drive by the shop. Maybe next time we are in Waco.
Are you ready to make a trip to Waco, Texas? 
It was so much fun.


  1. Hey Katie. I was just talking to a gal here in Rockwall who went also. She enjoyed it like you did. :)

  2. I was so happy to live the experience through you! I applied for tickets as soon as I heard about it, but they were already sold out. So sad to have missed it as I am in Texas too, but glad it was a huge success.

  3. Looks like you had a fun time and gathered up some great ideas too!

  4. How fun Katie. Looks like you had a great time. I love the place settings too. Very pretty.

  5. Sounds like a fabulous evening!! I'm sure you were able to get some great ideas just by being there and enjoying the beautiful table setting.
    Mary Alice

  6. I'm so jealous! I love their show and would love to meet them. That's so fun that you had this experience! :)

  7. Oh you lucky girl! That looked like so much fun. I am such a fan of their show. I remember stumbling upon their show one summer weekend afternoon and have been hooked ever since. Thanks for sharing these pics!

  8. they seem like a genuinely nice couple. what a great night, i'm sure.