Friday, July 31, 2015

Sunflowers for Late Summer

I showed you our late summer front porch.

I love it and had fun crafting my wooden sunflower.
 Once Fourth of July was over, I began searching Pinterest for some inspiration to get us through the hot, long days of August.
It is too early for fall decor and it's so hot outside that not much is blooming.
Yellow flowers, particularily sunflowers, seem to thrive in the heat.
Texas roadways are filled with yellow, wildflowers all summer long. 

 I found some sunflowers at the grocery store but they didn't really open. I thought maybe the metal coffee pot was the problem, so Bill suggested using a glass liner. 
We did that with the second bouquet but they didn't open either. Maybe it is too early in the season. 

Finally, I decided to go faux for the mantel. 
got in the garage and started digging through my fall totes to look for sunflowers. 
I sprinkled a few sprigs around the downstairs.

I love setting seasonal stuff on the tray on the dining room table. The chicken is vintage. It made the cut when I purged my collection of roosters.   

The wildflower book is a Half Price Books find.  

The desk area got a burlap sunflower from Hobby Lobby.

The hanging mailbox was a birthday gift from my sister in law. 
It came from Joanna's Gaines shop. Isn't it cute? 

My DIY wooden box got a bird print.
I love the flower he's perched on. :)

The little chick is all that is left of a darling deviled egg set that belonged to my grandmother.

I made the primitive style flower two years ago. 

This bouquet has faired better than the first two. 

I'm smitten with the yellow and purple color combination.  

Rebekah painted the vase of flowers for me. I love it.  

That is it for now, my dears. 
How are you getting through the dog days of summer?  

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  1. I love all your sunflowers bouquets and accessories! it's the perfect time for them. your vintage chick is adorable, I still have a few of mine MIA. And that needlepoint pillow is so pretty with the ticking...just my style!!

  2. My bouquet of sunflowers failed to thrive too. I thought maybe I picked one that was too old.

  3. Sunflowers are one of my favorites! They look great sprinkled around your house. Love the wooded one from your last post, too!

  4. Sunflowers bring so much happiness. I also like the yellow/purple color combination

  5. Oh I love Sunflowers! Your home is Summery and beautiful. I know what you mean about a little early for Fall but I think sunflowers lead the way. Come over and share your post at The Fabulous Fall party.