Saturday, August 8, 2015

Cottage Cabinet

We got this cabinet from my brother in law. 

He got it from his dad's garage.
It held auto body paint. 
When Bob gave it to me he said he knew that I could do something with it. 
He calls me the McGyver of home decorating. 
Did you ever watch that show?
That was one of our favorite shows when we got married. 
I was honored to take on the challenge of this piece. 
New black knobs and some clean up was about all it needed at the time. 
It stored videos and video games in Jonnie's room. 
I started thinking about painting this piece after I found a similar piece at the thrift store.

It looked so cute after being painted. 

I knew that the other cabinet would look good too.
Bill believes that both of these little cabinets are made out of leftover or repurposed pieces of exterior siding. 
To me they are rustic and charming. 

Painting is easier with the doors off. I usually don't paint the interior but I might want to leave the doors open at some point.   

All those interior pieces of wood were not structural. 
They held smaller shelves for smaller cans of paint.
They popped right of with a hammer. 

Usually after the first coat, I'm thrilled.
The first coat only revealed the flaws. 
The top was a weird piece of early particle board. 
It just disintegrated near the nails. 
There are visible nail holes from when they were taken out of the siding. 

See the blue paint?
Jonnie and his friends painted his room as a boy scout project when they were in the fifth grade. 
No, no, no. 
Allowing fifth graders to paint is not a good idea. 
The old top made a good template for a new top or so I thought. 
Cut twice - measure not at all. Oops.

There is nothing sophisticated about this top. It took almost three widths of 1 by 4s. I didn't join them. They are just screwed in place but it is definitely an upgrade from what was here before. 

Paintable caulk covers a multitude of sins.

Once the doors were put back on, there were still issues. 

What in the world? Did he use it as a memo board? 
Those look like staple holes.

Right now it is Rebekah's room.
Which caused a domino effect. 

I'm not sure how it happened but suddenly I have too much furniture. 
I know, wah, wah.  
If I move one thing, it causes a fit of consternation trying to get everything to fit in this house.
This is just a sneak peak at the cottage cabinet and  
I'll be back with more pictures later but that is it for now. 
Inservice starts on Thursday so I'm in a rush to get everything finished. 
The post about my crib repurpose is here
Have a great day. 

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  1. Cut twice, measure not at all. I laughed til I cried when I read that. How true for all of us occasionally and always to our detriment. Thank you for a good laugh.

  2. I love all old cupboards and I'd have one in every room of our house if I could fit them in! Yours turned out so cute with its new white paint! Could you possibly stack your two cupboards for a tall piece, or mount one on a wall? I'm always thinking of ways to fit more pieces into our small home. :o)

  3. I love it and the new paint job looks great.

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