Saturday, August 15, 2015

Feeling Farmish/Farmhouse Style


I have been feeling very farm over here. 
I thought I remembered seeing my great grandfather in a big, red barn at their farm as a very small child. For the life of me I couldn't figure out why we never spoke to me. 
A quick check to my ancestry account has him dying nine years before I was born. 
Why on earth did I think that guy was my great grandfather?

I've added some farmhouse touches to the house in the past year. 
I told you about Bess my Bovine Beauty. 

There have been other cows as well but I wouldn't go as far as calling this a cow collection. 

The little cow plate came from the thrift store. 
I was autoless a few weeks ago. 
My friend, Sara picked me up and took me to the cleaners.
 I suggested a quick loop to the other side of the highway to check out my favorite thrift. 
I don't think she is a fan of thrifting but I appreciate her humoring me. 
I found the plate and it was only $5.00.
The plate matches the new art above the mantel. 
It also goes well with one of my favorite vintage postcards. 

The cow butter dish was a thrifted item last summer. 
The egg coddler came from the antique mall.

The black and white cow pitcher came from a flea market down in the hill country of Texas last fall. 
He is so cute with the black and white transferware. 

My little chick salt shaker is cute with it too. 
He is all that remains of a deviled egg set from my grandmother. 

The pig cutting board came from my mother in law. 

A friend at work was throwing away the barn bird house. 
It got a healthy dose of white spray paint. 

The Audubon Print of a crow tearing into an ear of corn is perfect of this time of year. 
It prompted me to seek out our corn teapot.

It took a couple of days of hunting before I was able to locate the teapot. We got it from Bill's granny Vi. 
She used it as a vase to root ivy. 

The farmhouse touches are great with my sunflowers for some late summer decorating. 

I wanted to show you something. 
I remember watching an episode of Rehab Addict with Nicole Curtis. 
Do you watch that show on HGTV?
She took old hardware with layers of paint and put it in an old crock pot. 
The paint just peeled off after a good cooking. 
We didn't have an old crock pot but we did have an old stock pot. 
We filled it full of gunked up hardware and put it on the stove to simmer. 

I love that all the colors are revealed. This hardware came from my classroom.  
It was that country blue when I moved in but I remember the bright green. 

These pulls didn't go back into my classroom. I replaced mine with oil rubbed bronze.
There are probably a hundred more up at the school that need this fix. 
If only I had the time...

We have finally gotten a break from our 100 degree days. 
What are you up to today?
Best of the Weekend   
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  1. Love all of your farmhouse touches. All of your cows are so cute.
    Mary Alice

  2. You have lovely pieces! I am partial to the cow. I'll be doing a post on that soon. And I love your terrarium! I just got one and it has a wonderful story behind it that I will also be sharing. Great tip about the hardware! Visiting from Share Your Style. Diane

  3. I love your farmy touches, Katie! That sweet little plate was a real bargain!

    I do watch Rehab Addict, and I think it's a great idea to remove paint from hardware with water rather than harsh chemicals. It sure did the trick on that handle of yours!

  4. It all looks "farmulous!" Lots of great pieces, Katie! Thanks for linking up at Best Of The Weekend!