Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fresh Bittersweet

It's bittersweet time!

It is perfect for natural fall decorating but it doesn't grow in Texas.  
Did you know that there are sellers on eBay that will ship it to those of us in western regions?  

Three nights ago I did a search for fresh bittersweet vine.
There were about three or four different sellers. 
I went with a 5 - 7ft leafless vine from the Blue Ridge Mountains. 
It was $14.99. Shipping was $9.00.

It came today. 
I opened it immediately. 

I adore the packaging. 
There were four bundles wrapped in white tissue paper. 

There isn't one seven foot long vine but quite a few smaller vines totally more than seven feet. 
The largest is about three feet long. 

It is still pliable for a little while but the longer it dries, the less pliable it will be. 
Several of these pieces will be used in swags. 
Several will be used in wreaths. 
I shaped them accordingly. 

Last year I stuck the package in the garage until I was ready to decorate. 
The vines were already pretty dry and harder to work with.

Look at all this inspiration from my Fall Pinterest board.

If you like to decorate with naturals, this stuff is a must have.
It is poisonous so be careful around small children. 

You can have it in three business days. 
Keep in mind that it is a little messy because it sheds but
it all goes in the compost or rubbish pile at the end of the season. 

It doesn't keep from year to year so there is no need for a complicated tote system like I have. 

It's perfect for those of you that like the real deal. 
Three business days! 
You will love this stuff. 
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  1. How fun!! It's so pretty. Wish we could find it here somewhere. You were smart to order it. Last year I ordered dried hydrangeas.

  2. That was a great idea to buy it online. I love how pretty it looks mixed in Fall decor. I wonder if it would grow here in GA. We're hot and humid like you so probably not. I haven't seen any around here either.

  3. Well, I never knew you could order bittersweet from cool is that! Everything looks really pretty...fall is a great time of year.

  4. That's a new one - I had no idea that you could order it! But it surely does at just the right touch everywhere you used it!

  5. Your little bird cage looks adorable with bittersweet accents! I planted a bittersweet vine a few years ago, but I moved it around one too many times and it never came back.

  6. I'm in Austin and always buy my bittersweet at the Round Top Antique venues.
    It's the signal that autumn has arrived! '-)
    I may order from your source. It looks great!

  7. I hadn't thought about how I can incorporate my birdcage for Fall. I'll just have to do that! Love all of your ideas.