Monday, September 14, 2015

Navigating a Blog

It took a little playing to figure out how to navigate a blog. 
There are several different types of blogs but finding your way around mine is relatively simple. 
I've stuck with an older format. 
If you come to my blog via a search engine, the blog address is 
You will see two posts on a page. 
At the end of the second post you will see a little gray bar with a list of my social media sites. Under that bar you will see a dotted line. The middle of the dotted line says Home. To the right it says Older Posts. If you click on Older Posts, you will go to two previous posts. 

You can get around a second way by clicking on the posts that are listed in the blog archive. You will find that on the right of the post under my profile picture. 

You can click through any month or any year and find posts that you may have missed. 
 When I read a new blog, I try to go as far back into the archives as possible because I want to read the whole story. 
If you would like to do that, go back through the archives to December 2011. 
That is when I started blogging. 
Please give me grace. My blogging education has been by trial and error.
 Clicking on "Newer Posts" will bring you forward in the archives of my blog. 

If you are looking for a specific topic or "label" you can enter it into the search bar and posts with that topic will appear.

Let's say that you have arrived from a link either through a blog party or through Facebook. If that is the case, you will only see one post on a page but you should see the comments left by other people. 
 You will still see the "Older Posts" prompt at the bottom of the post. 
If you would like to get back to a regular page with two just click on the header picture at the top of the blog. 
You can also click on the word home at the bar near the top of the blog.


At the bottom of each post, Blogger will suggest a few posts that are somehow related or similar to the current post.
That will take you to a post you may have missed.  
Those change as you click on different pages of the blog. 
The more you Linkwithin the better my stats. 
I've made it past 800,000 views. 
 I never thought I'd get there. 

Under the picture of my followers, you will see other blogs listed on a scrolling feed.
 Those are other blogs that I like to read. 
The content is good but a few of them are glitchy and take a while to load. Those bloggers have sponsors and the ads cause the problem. 

From what I can gather, you have to be a Google person to comment on my blog. 
I love comments but I don't get tons of them.  
 I try to respond to all that have link backs. 
A link back is an email address that is attached to commenter. 
Some commenters do not have link backs and are classified as No Reply bloggers.
That's not a good thing in the complicated and rule ridden world of blogging.  
There is a way to change that but that is a subject for another post. 
You can Google it.

Finally, if you would like Let's Add Sprinkles delivered to your inbox, you may subscribe to my blog. 

Click on the blue where is says; Posts, Atom. 
That will take you through the steps. 

I'm thrilled when you visit. 
I'd be thrilled if you would stay awhile when you arrive!
Hopefully, this post helps you do that. 

Savvy Southern Style 


  1. This is a neat post, Katie. The teacher in you is shining right now. :)

    How are you following the hits on your blog? I peek at the dashboard periodically but really should do better with those types of things.

    1. The counter is a blogger widget. Go to Design-Layout-Add a Gadget. It was one of the selections to add to the side bar. I hope this helps.

  2. This was a very informative post. As Stacey said above, I should really get better at social media too.

    1. I go in fits and spurts. I'm the worst at Twitter!

  3. Thank you so much.... Just what i needed :)
    Have a great day :)

  4. Congrats on all those page views! Maybe someday I'll get there! One question - How do you get the "You may also like" at the bottom of your posts? I have to add mine in manually.

    1. I hope this helps.